Thursday, February 24, 2011

Blogging Privacy?

As my children get older and more established as "real human beings," I am wondering how appropriate it is for me to keep writing and posting pictures of them on my blog. I know some people wouldn't take issue with it at all, but I am starting to feel like they need to have their own voice and their own rights to privacy.

When they grow up, will they be happy with me that I shared their lives and faces with the entire world, (well, it's open to the entire world), or will they be upset that I volunteered a piece of their lives without asking permission?

I am the Mother, so writing about my family and my children is a big part of who I am, but when all is said and done, they are individuals, and they are people. Perhaps that should be taken into consideration.

I am just mulling this over. Any thoughts?


arianne said...

I've thought about this a lot myself. My mom is a writer. She wrote a weekly column in the newspaper about motherhood and lots of books about motherhood. wrote a lot about us.

There were times in adolescence that I felt a little uncomfortable. People would come up and recount moments of my childhood to me. And I'd never met them before. But it wasn't resentful ever and it did pass.

Now I'm so glad she wrote about us. I love going back and reading it all. I think it helped that she only wrote about the funny and beautiful things. Nothing that was deeply embarrassing or a breech of trust in any way.

I think she was writing for herself and for others at the time. But in the end, her children ended up being her biggest fans and the biggest beneficiaries of her words. And in the end, I'm glad she did it.

Anonymous said...

Those are excellent questions and your children are lucky that you took the time to think about it.

It's because of those questions, and more, that I do things the way I do. My blog is just that: MY blog. It's about me mostly. My children's photos are available privately on flickr. It means that family members who want to stalk us need to visit two different websites, but it's the system with which I feel most comfortable for our family. You'll find your own answers.

Sally Jackson said...

It's interesting the two totally different perspectives I got, from two people I love! ha ha. My gut tells me I am done.

chelsea mckell said...

I know whatcha mean!
I keep thinking.... what if someday one of my children run for public office... and someone finds all the naked bathtime photos I've posted of them.... I'll be in trouble!
So I'm trying to stick to the "funny and beautiful", as Arianna said.

Sally Jackson said...

I agree, the good pictures, that aren't embarrassing to my kids is what I'm going to stick to. I had this post about making breastmilk ice-cream, and this picture of my kids eating it. Something inside me said, "Give your poor kids a break!" ha ha. So, I left it out.