Thursday, March 24, 2011

Waiting for the Call

We've decided we really want to move to Hawaii, the place where I grew up and we both love. Micah flew over for a preliminary interview a couple weeks ago, and now all we can do is sit here and wait for the call.

Waiting is the really hard part. We know they need teachers, specifically in his field. We know they will be hiring. We know they need teachers and will be hiring right where we want to live. But we don't know if they will hire us.

This is the part that requires the utmost faith, that yes, God has a plan for us, and yes, whatever happens will be for the "welfare of thy souls."
We're doing all we can to work hard and make things happen in the direction we feel is right, and now we wait.
So, we are waiting for the call. Waiting, waiting, waiting......waiting for the future to unfold. I think they start hiring at the end of May. This waiting is going to be annoying.

Today I am focusing my positive energy and prayers in the direction of Hawaii. You, my little, tropical islands, are on my mind, and I can't wait to reunite with you, we think.


arianne said...

You're always so good and looking for the positive. I admire that. I hope you get the job. I can picture you guys there, on the beach. I want you to be happy. I miss you, of course. Hugs!

Anonymous said...

I am almost beside myself with joy at the prospect of you moving back to Hawaii!!!!!

Sally Jackson said...

Thanks!! You are both invited to visit, of course, on your next haw'n vacation!!