Monday, April 4, 2011

8 Month stats

8 months is my favorite baby age!
We LOVE our big baby boy!
Here's our 8 month old squishy stats:

*Weight- 21.4 lbs
*Height- 27 inches
*Teeth- none
*Chubby legs- the squishiest ever

*What I love- When he grabs my face and slobbers all over it, with a BIG, Pootie kiss.
His big smiles, and that he is so happy all the time!

*Major Milestones- crawling, pulling himself up on things, babbling consonants, scavenging for food scraps under the table.

*Started wanting and eating solid foods at 8 months old. Favorites are applesauce, mooshed bananas and peas. (not all together)

*Favorite toys: my hairbrush, measuring cups, and Odin's remote control dog (which O gladly shares with baby Pootie.)

*Defining baby noise: He makes this really long, low-pitched, screechy sound, which is his happy noise. I absolutely love it!

*Favorite activities: Sticking hands in my mouth while having his milkies, crawling from one room to the other looking for things to put in his mouth, taking baths in the big tub, sitting up by himself, hugging Papa when he comes home, watching his older brothers as they play.

We just love this baby so much!!

Every night we put the two older boys to sleep at 8pm, and then it's us and baby until about 10 or so. Sometimes it's exhausting because it's the end of the day and I feel like I am entitled to some sort of break! But, I truly appreciate and love this special time we have together, just me and him, and Papa. It will go by so fast, and he'll be a big kid sooner than we really want!
The other night as Micah and I were alone, playing with Jonah, It felt like our first baby again. The house was all quiet and we were both transfixed on him, oogling and cooing at our little, baby boy. Each child is so special to us.

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