Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Balloons and boys, and other B-words

An empty apartment full of balloons and little boys!

A babywearing Mama, exhausted from a day of cleaning.

A little baby who likes to sit on a box.
A trip to Oregon to see this bunch of family that I love: My mother, brother, his wife, and their baby.
My big sister hiding in a barbie tent, on the day before her birthday:

My bright and bouncy, busy and boisterous, niece Waimea!

Barbara-the blessed Grammmie of 8 grandbabies!Here she is with baby Jonah:

A beautiful, babywearing sister-in-law wearing her baby in a mei-tai I brought.(one of the best ones I ever made, in my opinion!)

Breastfeeding is the bomb!

A big, baby getting his first haircut, buzzed.

And his two big, bald, buzzed, brothers:

Saying bye-bye to places we love:
Bye bye Liberty park:

Bye-bye Salt Lake Temple:


Bye-bye to friends we adore!
for now! My blogging has come to a small block in the road. Our house is all boxed up and we are bolting for the Big Island.

Baloha! Til we meet again.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

some dishwasher fun

No one ever told me you can't put liquid soap in a dishwasher!
Well, at least the kids had fun!
"Mom, You made bubbles!"

They just kept spewing and spewing and spewing...forever!

This apartment has given me my FIRST dishwasher experience. Yes, my very first ever in my life because people just didn't have fancy appliances where I grew up, nor did all the crummy apartments I lived in in college, nor did Micah and I have one after all these years of marriage.
And you know what? Old habits live on, because we barely use it! This is probably the fifth time we've tried it, although this is the first time using liquid soap, after running out of powder.
I've always wanted a dishwasher because I thought it would make my life easier,
but nope, it just makes life more bubblier!

(You, too, can make dishwasher bubbles spew out onto your floor. Just fill your entire soap loader with liquid soap, such as Dawn, start your washer, and wait. It takes about 5 minutes for the bubbles to start, and about 3 large towels to sop them all up.)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Goodbye, Pink Volkswagon Bus

We bought "the Pink Panther" 5 years ago, when our first baby was 5 months old. We were visiting Portland, Oregon for a wedding, when we found her on craigslist!
We knew we would need a bigger vehicle someday for our growing family, and had thought about buying a VW bus in the future. However, when we laid eyes on this beautiful pink machine, we had to buy it, now!
We gave away the Nissan maxima we drove to OR (it wasn't worth selling), and cruised all the way back to Idaho in our brand, new, Pink Panther bus!

It was perfect! It was in excellent working condition, a 1974, with cow seat covers, a roof rack, seven seat belts, and very fun to drive, I might add. If you've never driven an old VW, you're in for a treat when you do! I imagined us keeping this car forever; parading the kids around to and from soccer games, driving our family to all our activities, teaching the boys their first driving lessons, all from the cow-seats of pinky the bus!

So, it was with great sadness that we had to sell her. We had to! We just couldn't afford to ship her to Hawaii, or maintain her when we got there. Goodbye Pinky! We will miss you! Maybe we will find another VW bus to own one day, and we will paint it pink, in your honor.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

our little world

I'm finding as my kids get older, that I don't feel a need to make as many play-dates with friends, as when they were toddlers. We love hanging out with friends, and I'm a very social person, but what I've found is that I really enjoy talking with these little people, alone! We have all these fun places we like to go, and little traditions we've started, and games that only we like to play. We often build up a little world around ourselves, that others just wouldn't appreciate as much, or go along with!

Today was a beautiful day at the farm! I eagerly listened to the boys, as they told me all about the wonderful things they were seeing and hearing. Both Odin and Zadok are so detailed and descriptive about the observations they make! And so excited, too!

"Look, that box-elder beetle is making his home in a groove in that tree!"
"Look, Mom, the bees are pollinating that pansy!"
"And look! Those ducks are being territorial and chasing the geese away!"
"I can hear a pidgeon calling. Maybe it's a mating call!"

We walked as slow as we wanted, waited for each other while someone saw something they liked, and listened to each others' stories. We stopped to see some ants carrying twigs, then we observed a mama goose sitting on her nest, then we wandered over to the big tree to climb and relax.
It's nice to have a little family. It's nice to leave all the distractions behind and enjoy them, even if that means friends. I think each family has a little world of their own, with special things they love to do, at a pace they like to do it.

I love spending time with these boys, and I really like our little world.

I took these pictures back in March, hence the snowcoats. I can't remember if I've shared them. Sorry if these are repeats=mama brain.
And here's a little disclaimer about my post, which I thought of afterward-- some may be thinking, "oh great, this is just the beginning of un-socialized homeschooling!" Ha ha! But really, we are a very social family; with friends, and our church, and our neighbors. All I mean by this post is that it's nice to step away from all that and enjoy just us.