Sunday, June 5, 2011

some dishwasher fun

No one ever told me you can't put liquid soap in a dishwasher!
Well, at least the kids had fun!
"Mom, You made bubbles!"

They just kept spewing and spewing and spewing...forever!

This apartment has given me my FIRST dishwasher experience. Yes, my very first ever in my life because people just didn't have fancy appliances where I grew up, nor did all the crummy apartments I lived in in college, nor did Micah and I have one after all these years of marriage.
And you know what? Old habits live on, because we barely use it! This is probably the fifth time we've tried it, although this is the first time using liquid soap, after running out of powder.
I've always wanted a dishwasher because I thought it would make my life easier,
but nope, it just makes life more bubblier!

(You, too, can make dishwasher bubbles spew out onto your floor. Just fill your entire soap loader with liquid soap, such as Dawn, start your washer, and wait. It takes about 5 minutes for the bubbles to start, and about 3 large towels to sop them all up.)

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Wendy said...

Um didn't you learn anything from the Brady Bunch?? hehe