Monday, July 11, 2011

Getting to paradise

It might have been ten times easier if we had just jumped on an airplane in Salt Lake City and ended up in Hilo, Hawaii on the same day, but that wasn't an option.
Nope, our travelling journey to get to Hawaii started June 10th, and ended June 21st, when we finally landed our relocating feet on Hawaiian soil! I thought for sure I would dance off the airplane, embrace the nearest coconut tree, and cry my little eyes out in happiness at being here, but I was way too tired! We had woken up at 5am that day, returning 1 rental car to the airport, carrying 4 boxes, 6 bags, 1 surfboard, in 2 airports, on 2 airplanes, eating 4 airplane meals, for 10 hours, with 3 anxious, and overly hyper little boys and 2 overwhelmed parents.
I didn't care where I was when we arrived, all I wanted was a soft bed to curl up in!
So, for those who are curious how a family of five Utahns actually moves to Hawaii, here's one way to do it--the exhausting/fun way!:

We did the final clean-out of our Midvale, UT apartment on June 10th, and loaded up our trailer and car and headed towards California. Here we are about to get in the car after an exhausting morning of cleaning: Our goal was to get to the seaport in Long Beach by June 14th to ship our car. If you want to bring your car to Hawaii, you have to send it on a big boat, which departs from the seaport every other Tuesday. You can also ship your belongings on that same boat, but that costs big bucks. (Even bigger bucks than sending your car!) So, we opted instead to get rid of most of our stuff. Then, whatever was remaining got packed into boxes, loaded onto our trailer, and is now sitting at Micah's parent's house in CA, waiting to be mailed to our new Hawaii address. (Thanks so very, very much Jacksons!!)

So, with it being June 10th, and our car not due til June 14th, we decided to make a few stops along the way.
First stop was Cedar City to say goodbye to our land!

We got there about 7pm and put up a tent. We roasted hot-dogs, made some s'mores, and reminisced about the dreams we'd had of building a house here someday. I looked out over the scraggly sagebrush, and spiney cactus, and breathed in the rustic smell of desert landscape! It's a smell I have grown to love over the years. I will truly miss it here, and have included in my dreams a hope to build a small vacation home here someday. Perhaps a summer getaway where we can always come back to play.

We aren't going to sell our land. I like knowing that we still have a piece of ourselves here. Here's a picture of Jonah siting under the tree where we planted his placenta last year.

On our way out of town we had to fix a leaky tire. We didn't have a lot of time left to spend in Cedar City, but while our tire got fixed we managed to squeeze in a visit with one of my favorite families on the planet. Isn't their baby the cutest? He's the same age, but bigger than my baby, if you can imagine that! We will miss them terribly, but happy to keep following their story on Arianne's blog., as they head to Samoa on a 4 month work-travel-adventure!

Next we stopped at a nearby canyon to release our pet snake back into the wild. We actually let him go at the exact spot we'd found him. The boys have loved little
Pee-wee, but taking a non-native, invasive species to Hawaii was not an goodbye snakey.
watching as he slithers away for the last time.
Next we started the longest leg of our road trip, to California to crash at Micah's parent's house! My primary job: keep baby happy in the car for 6 hours. Ha!
Yes, baby you can have my phone.

Here's some silly glasses to keep you smiling, baby.
And here's the phone again, baby.

We ended up unexpectedly stopping in Las Vegas to get our front windshield sealed up around the sides. It was making this awful buzzing noise that was driving us all insane. And of course, we needed donuts. Real donuts, to be exact.Micah discovered this place years ago and claims they have the best donuts, but also thinks it's a drug-cover up store. You know the kind that sells donuts and crack. We just got the donuts.

And you know how road-trips are with young children, right? They take forever, require lots of snack food, cheap toys, patience, and then you seem to always end up at your destination in the middle of the night.
With that said, there's nowhere I'd rather end up in the middle of the night than a warm house, with good food, and people who want to play with your kids the next day. Here we are at the Jackson house! (I will shoot myself now for not taking more pictures of Micah's family)
Here's Grandma reading books to the kids:

And here's our boys having fun in the dirt outside!Zadok was probably in the house playing video games with Uncle Aaron.

We ended up staying here for the next 10 days until our flight left out of LAX.The boys had so much fun, and Micah and I got a lot of packing accomplished!

Well, we finally got on our airplane at 10:30am the morning of June 21st. It was a 6 hour flight from Los Angeles to Honolulu, then another 30 minute flight on a smaller airplane from Honolulu to Hilo. We brought bags packed with new toys, crayons, and notepads to keep the kids happily busy. Those lasted about 15 minutes.
But did you know that each seat on Hawaiian airlines has it's own, individual TV screen for watching movies and playing video games? Seriously! At first we were so reluctant to purchase the $5.99 all-you-can-watch-movie packages. I kept arguing, "My kids don't need to watch movies and play computer games on the plane! They can have fun...doodling." But after about 30 minutes we gave in and it was the best thing in the world. Thank you technology, for keeping our kids busy on the airplane, so I could take care of the baby and Micah could help in all other areas, like take Odin to the bathroom 50 times.
Here we are on the plane:
Zadok was very serious about reviewing the safety pamphlets and had us go over them several times.
Jonah did awesome on both flights. He slept, nursed, and waved hello to everyone he saw.
And now we live in Hawaii, where I did indeed get to curl up in a soft bed and sleep, and where I got to wake up to...... my paradise.


Cami said...

What a beautiful post! You did a great job of logging your journey while conveying your emotions. I am so happy for you to be back home! We'll miss you here.

Anonymous said...

What an adventure!
Oh Sally I'm so happy for you that you're living in Hawaii. You're making me miss it so much, but for now I will be okay so long as you post frequently. That would really help me out, living vicariously through you.

arianne said...

You have such a way with words. It was hard enough trying to travel here for four months instead of moving everything for all time. Soooo exhausting. I'm glad you can take a deep breath now and really sink your roots into Hawaiin soil. I just love you, Sally. I'm glad to see you happy.

Wendy said...

Wow what a trek! You guys are wonderful and i'm so happy that you're living my dream... Glad you made it safe!

Anonymous said...

I've got chicken-skin reading about your journey, and then of course your list of favorite things…
Since I have lived here 10 years now, I can ONLY imagine the joy and emotions of moving away and then coming back…wow.
I fully understand the craziness of moving a family over the ocean like that--well done sistah! You kept a sense of humor and I loved your honesty.
I pray that you enjoy every minute here in Hawaii and always know that you can visit the rest of the world when you want to…
Glad to have you in the islands! :)
monica (grommom)