Thursday, July 7, 2011

Back in the Islands!

We are here now living in Hawaii! I keep not writing on my blog because I wanted to add pictures to enhance your blog-viewing pleasure, but that doesn't seem to be happening. As soon as I figure out how to upload pictures onto my husband's laptop,and then transfer them over to blogger, I will be posting some Hawaii family pix...doi!

We are so happy to be here. Sounds predictable, right? Well, I am so lying because I am BEYOND happy to be here!

Here's some of my favorite things about being back in the islands:
-It feels like home.
-I know I don't ever have to move again.
-Everything is green and jungly, and smells like paradise.
--I like the humidity.
--My hair is soft and fluffy from washing with rain water every day.
-There's so much cultural diversity and people from all walks of life!
--We swim in the ocean almost daily.
--I went snorkeling with my 5 yr old and almost cried under water because it was so fun watching him snorkel.
--we see sea-turtles daily, at the beach.
--Manapua, musubi, and papayas!
--Papayas are 6 for a dollar at the farmers market and I've eaten one every day since we arrived.
-Micah looks sexy in board shorts.
-I get to surf again.
--baby Jonah spends hours digging in the sand while the kids catch crabs and fish in their nets, and everyone is happy.
-I get to swim.....every day.
-The people at church smile and give you big hugs and kisses.
--And yell "ALOHA" to the congregation before they speak.
-the rain is warm.
-The farmers market is really fun to shop at, with all it's unique vegetables.
-The boys are learning about Volcanoes, and Hawaii's geology, and earned their "Junior Ranger" titles at the Volcano national Park.
-My Dad flies over from Oahu every couple months so we get to hang out with him!
--I've said hi to all my old 'fish friends' as we've reunited under the sea.
-It's breathtakingly beautiful here.
--God loves me and has given me a chance to live in my Hawaii again.

Check back later for some pix! Like, later later.


arianne said...

So good to hear. We're hoping to spend a week or two at Hawaii on our way back from Samoa. Hearing you talk about it makes me so excited. Love and hugs!

Kai said...

A mutual friend, Shannon, directed me to your blog after I told her how I hoped to find some like-minded mamas here on the Big Island. We just moved here from Phoenix in December so I've enjoyed relating to yor pre-move posts. You must be so relieved so finally be home! Next time you guys are on Kona side look me up and we'll snorkel Kahaluu :)

Sally Jackson said...

Yes! Like-minded friends is a must! Glad you stopped by my blog to say hi. We don't know much about the Kona side yet, but are hoping to head out there sometime soon and check it out. I will keep you in mind!