Saturday, August 27, 2011

Birthday Treasure Box

For my Mother's 60th birthday I wanted to do something special, because after all, she is a very special mother! I had entertained myself with thoughts of flying to Seattle to surprise her, along with my 4 siblings, spouses, and 8 grandkids, but that would've been impossible! With my eldest brother in Tahiti, my big sister in Oregon, my little brother in Washington, and now my family in Hawaii, a birthday treasure box was the best I could do. Hopefully someday we'll all get to be in one place again!

To make a Birthday Treasure box, I took a regular wooden treasure box from a craft store ($3.99), and covered it in pieces cut out from scrapbook paper. I then gathered messages from my Mom's most treasured friend's and family, and pasted them onto paper scrolls, also cut out from scrapbook paper.

I tied each scroll with a little ribbon to keep them in place, and to make them look even prettier, too.
When my mom's 60th birthday arrived, she got to open her present! She absolutely loved it! (I know because I got one of those long, teary messages of happiness on my cell phone that only a mother can send.:)

The messages inside were so very thoughtful and heartwarming, full of many happy memories and treasured friendships my mother has made over the years. Some people wrote poems, some people wrote stories, and some people sent tiny messages of love. I am so glad I got to do this for my Mom! Thank you again to all those who contributed to this project, and for making her 60th birthday wonderful!

Happy Birthday Mom! You are a treasure to me!

**My sister-n-law Genevieve took these pictures. Thank you Gen, they turned out beautiful.


Wendy said...

Those are beautiful pictures and what an awesome gift!!! Love it so much! You are amazing:)

Sally Jackson said...

Thank you Wendy!

arianne said...

It turned out so nice!

chelsea mckell said...

Wow! Such a cool idea. I might copy that. My mom's 61st is coming up soon.