Tuesday, August 9, 2011

First day of school

This past week public school started, here in Hawaii.
We were driving past the elementary school on the first day of school. The streets were backed-up with cars of parents, anxiously picking up their kids from their first day away. Backpacks, school uniforms, and bicycles everywhere, jamming the streets with first-school-day mayhem.
I turned to Zadok, our 5 year old, and said, "Well, there's the school where all the 5 year olds go now."
He responded eagerly, saying, "Oh, but not me!! I'm homeschooling!"

I looked over at his happy, innocent, little face and felt so much love for him.
He really has no idea what this all means!
I mean, we've explained to him about schools, and teachers, and being away from parents, and different ways to gain and education, but the magnitude of it all won't effect him at this point in time. He'll never know what it's like to have a first day of school, or what it's like to be in a classroom all day, or what it's like to be away from Mom.

I wasn't home-schooled myself so I this is a whole new adventure for me, too. I don't know what it's like to not send my kid to Kindergarten. It's kind of weird, and sometimes scary, but I know it's going to be awesome. I know our path will be right, mostly because we want it to be, but certainly because I know it's God's plan for our family.

So here's to a happy year of homeschooling, and no first day of school!

I love these kids! I promise they won't turn out to be beach bums....funny they are wearing these shirts in this post. ha ha....

Odin is so excited that the bananas are ripening.

Why the matching outfits? Because our awesome Trike Fairy sent cute clothes for the boys! And the boys thought it was hilarious that they could all match.


Wendy said...

Yay to no first day of school for us either! I am so loving my life of not "having" to buy all that back-to-school stuff either... not that I have the money for it anyway;)

arianne said...

Yeah! Welcome officially to the club, LOL. We need to chat at length.