Monday, August 1, 2011

Going strong!

Our baby turned one this past week!
It crept up on me, it really did! It seems that this past year I have been seeing him continually as the wee, little infant I just gave birth to, now all of sudden he's having a birthday! What? My how fast a year can go!
Jonah at one hour old:
Jonah at one year old:

I've truly loved having this baby, my number 3! I love everything about him, and his gentle, baby ways. He has been our most calm, most mellow, most super low-key baby of them all. I can't think of one thing he has done to intentionally drive me nuts. Okay, maybe every morning now he tries to escape out the door and throw shoes down the stairs! After all, he is one of our kids, so that means he keeps busy, busy, busy! I am constantly chasing this baby!

And, he is a blessing to our whole family. The boys love and adore him. They stop in- between their big-brother brawls, and big-kid games, to dote on him and smother him with little kisses. He follows them around, but he can't keep up...yet.
Here's a few things about Jonah at one year:
He is starting to walk! He has taken six whole steps on his own!
He says "Mama" for me, and "nana" for food.
He gives hugs, and snuggles, and rolls around on your face in the morning.
He points at everything, especially birds.
He just got his two, top teeth this past month, and has the sweetest smile.
He loves to eat papaya and avocados, and these sour, seedy guavas off the tree.
He crawls lightening fast on just his hands and feet, no knees!
He lets Zadok carry him around. (I have yet to get a picture of that)
He waves hello to everyone he sees.
He has the goofiest laugh, that I love.

Baby Jonah had a really yucky viral rash on his birth-day, and felt pretty miserable throughout the day and at his birthday party in the evening.

But, in sweet Jonah fashion, he managed to still find moments to smile and be content. Especially when being held by one of his favorite friends, Papa.
The most memorable moment of his birthday party, for me, was this sweet snuggle, and nursing on the couch, with my big one year old boy! He had been feeling yucky, and fussy, but the minute we sat down to nurse, he was happy. And I got to relax for a moment, too!I love how he sticks his leg up in my face when he eats.
Turning one in this family doesn't mean the end of our nursing relationship. It simply means that we totally know what we're doing now, and can keep going strong for another year!

Happy Birthday to my sweet Jonah baby. I get to wake up to your smiling face every morning, and feel so lucky each day that I get to be your Mom. You are my heart and my joy, my little Pootie, baby boy.


Cami said...

Happy Birthday, Jonah! I love the picture of him nursing with his foot up. Kenzie does the same thing and it cracks me up. Kenzie and I are still going strong with nursing (she's 17 months) and I owe part of that to you. After reading about weaning in the book you recommended and you commenting to me once that one year was young to wean (I thought it was "the" age to wean but I didn't know different because Syd didn't even make it 3 months), I am letting her decide when we will be done. Anyway, I am so glad you are doing well in Hawaii. Your boys are adorable.

Sally Jackson said...

That's awesome Cami! Nursing through toddlerhood provides you with the strongest mothering tool of comfort and love during those 'rough moments'!
I don't know what I would do without it! Yeah for you for doing what you want to do, and feels right to do, instead of what the mainstream says.
Thanks for the birthday wishes!!

chelsea mckell said...

Love this post! Beautiful birthday tribute to a very lovable little boy!