Saturday, August 13, 2011

Magic Potion

Today is Saturday and we are heading to the ocean. It's been a busy week at our house! We started our first week of home"school", Micah is officially working at his new job and away everyday, I am getting used to the bustling routine of keeping up with this house, and on top of that I got a nasty head cold! I am ready to plunge into the ocean and let it engulf me! This is one thing I love about being here in Hawaii! The ocean has a way of restoring and healing me, like a magic potion, renewing my life-force!
It's really exciting to me how drastically our lives have changed since we got here!
There is a lot to do, and more opportunities for us to work harder than ever before.
We have an acre with fruit trees, and a large garden. This involves a lot of harvesting of fruits and veggies, prepping them and preparing them to eat. I have a large kitchen now, which has made a huge difference in my attitude towards preparing food. ( I love it!) Yesterday I steamed a large pumpkin from the garden, made coconut Popsicles from the inside of the coconut juice, made a huge batch of fresh guacamole, and ate papayas from our tree. Everything was harvested, prepared, and eaten from our land. It felt so good, and I enjoyed all the time I spent in the kitchen! The boys helped a lot, too! It was fun to see them get excited about making yummy, nutritious food!

Each day we go outside to check the trees to see what's ripe. This is Odin's favorite thing to do. This past week the avocados and bananas all started at once, so we've had our (mouths) full of guacamole and delicious bananas!

Laundry is a subject of it's own! I can't let the laundry sit in the hampers for more than 2 days or they'll mildew. If I hang the laundry on Monday, it will be fully dry by Wednesday, ready for the next load to wash an be hung. But sometimes it takes 4days to dry because it's been so wet out. It's a very delicate balance of timing the washing, sunny days, and fighting mildew.

And then there's the chickens. Oh the chickens! Micah has become an expert at catching wild jungle fowls from our area. We now have 3 hens and once cockerel, who are getting fat and happy in their new domesticated life. There are wild chickens everywhere here, so we decided to reap them from the land, as well. So far we are getting 6 eggs a week, and hoping to add more.
Here they are: Zadok named one Fraid-ster. Odin named one Rocks. I named the Rooster, Rainbow, and the last one (not pictured), Micah named Mango.
Micah is loving growing a large, year-round garden. He's planting all sorts of veggies, and tending to it like a young baby. He's definitely got a green thumb for this kind of thing. The boys have their own plots and have planted their favorite: green peas to eat right out of the pod.

The boys are so happy and alive each day! I can tell that being outside this much is so good for their little souls. They get super enthusiastic about simple things like the camouflage lizards, or how many eggs we got today, or what kind of seeds should they plant in their gardens.

There's something about living here that has re-ignited that spark within me to live a more conscious and healthier lifestyle than ever before. I want to take better care of myself and my families well-being, and be more fully aware of my impact on the land around me. Weather I am spending my energy sorting recyclables, or helping Zadok and Odin find ripe guavas to eat, I feel very fulfilled here. I feel complete. And when those days are upon me that get overly busy and exhausting-there's always the ocean to renew me. My magic potion!

I spend a lot of time chasing this baby, too, I might ad! It's exhausting work, but watching him learn how to walk this past month has been so exciting! He comes waddling up to me with his little arms raised high, and I am in love. Here he is climbing out to his favorite cement stone.

I decided I will start selling my magic potion. All it costs is a plane ticket and it's yours! :)


Wendy said...

I so want to buy some of your magic potion!

Anonymous said...

Oh Sally,
I'm so happy for you! Keep these posts coming. For those of us stuck in a concrete wasteland, your stories are a magic potion.
(and yes, I would love so much to visit you!)

arianne said...

It sounds so wonderful. What does a plane ticket from the big airport to your island run?