Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Sometimes it pays to be impulsive, and sometimes it doesn't.

The other night as I was checking out from the grocery store I bought a chocolate candy bar. I wasn't even craving chocolate, but thought that since I had made it all the way to the grocery store without any kids in tow, I should treat myself to something tasty. So I impulsively purchased a Snickers with Almonds and ate it on the way home and (hid the wrapper). However, I didn't enjoy the candy bar one bit. It was overly artificially sweetened, tasteless, and disappointing. I wish I would've waited for a time when I really wanted chocolate and could've bought something fantastic, like Ferrero Rochers. In this case, my impulsiveness didn't pay off.

Then today I was remembering this time that I went to a hotel party in San Diego with some of my girlfriends, when I was in my early twenties.
The tiny hotel room was packed with mingling singles, all talking, laughing, and checking each other out. You know, a typical singles party.

So there's this guy at the party standing across from me who I didn't like the moment I set eyes on him. He was loud, arrogant, obnoxious, and hitting on every girl in the room. As the night wore on, my irritation increased. It kind of bugged me that I was letting this guy irritate me so much, but I think he just represented everything cheap and annoying about a lot of the guys I'd been meeting lately, and I was sick of it. There he stood in his expensive clothes, strong cologne, cheesy pick up lines, and spikey hair. Get real.

I was standing in a semi-circle with some of my girlfriends drinking a large glass of something bright orange, maybe some Tropical fruit punch or soda. This guy was now standing about 6 feet in front of me where I could now smell his smelly perfume and hear his un-funny jokes. I remember he was wearing a white T-shirt and thinking he was one of those guys that probably paid 50 bucks for a white t-shirt.

Then something weird happened; something I've never been able to explain.
Somebody must've accidentally bumped the light switch because suddenly the lights turned off in that tiny hotel room. And for 2 seconds it was pitch black.

And during those 2 seconds of darkness, my bright orange fruit drink impulsively flung across the room right into the middle of that guys white t-shirt.

When the lights turned on, the room turned silent, except for angry words that came fuming out from his mouth, "Who the Effing who, threw this drink at me? Who?"

Nobody answered.

"WHO?" he screamed again. "Whoever threw this drink at me is going to get their ass kicked!!!" he screamed louder.

The room turned into a commotion as everyone started asking around, looking for the culprit who dared to throw their drink at him.
I joined right in, looking just as concerned as everyone else, wondering out loud, "Who would do such a thing?"

But nobody would fess up, and nobody would say who it was, because nobody ever knew that it was me; the girl standing there with an empty cup in her hand, and a smirk on her face. Nobody even looked my way!

The guy ended up being so angry that he left the party. I remember him storming out of there mumbling something about expensive shirt, lame friends, outta here.....

As the door shut behind him I heard a bunch of people say,"Good, he deserved it."

And that was a time where it really paid to be impulsive.


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chelsea mckell said...

That really just made my day :) (the drink story, not the candy bar story, obviously :)

Wendy said...

That was way too funny! You're a crazy girl!!!

Sally Jackson said...

Glad I could make you laugh! I think the funniest part, which I didn't share, is how scared I was in that moment that he would find out it was me. I mean, what would he have done? I don't know!