Friday, September 16, 2011

Ocean Diorama

This might look like an ordinary box, but when opened up, it's an OCEANARIUM!
We have been working on this all week long! I woke up Monday morning thinking,"These kids need a new creative project to get their hands messy and their minds moving!!"
It's been fun for me to watch something unfold that the boys are proud of. As we've been exploring the beautiful and profound underwater reefs of Hawaii, the boys have been enthusiastic to talk and learn about all things sea creatures!
First, we went outside with paints, brushes, and imaginations!

The first day we painted the box blue and let it dry overnight.
Over the following days we colored paper sea creatures, glued on eyes, and made our urchins. Tp and paper towel rolls became sea cucumbers, eels, and freshwater-underground springs (Hilo inspired). Marbles, and sea-shells became treasures of the deep!
Toilet paper rolls make the cutest Octopi.
Sea Urchins or "Wana", as we call them here. I made a hard, salt dough, dyed blue, and the boys stuck pipe cleaners in them. This was a favorite, and easy for little boys with short attention spans.
"Watch out! This one is poisonous," says Zadok.

This was an inexpensive and fun project to keep the kids busy and actively learning about ocean life. Zadok asked me if next we could make a "Skyorama" for his paper dragon. :)

And the baby may time.


Da Denninghoff's said...

Fantastic! Looks like a lot of fun! Great job boys!

Sally Jackson said...

Thank you Nita!! We had a lot of fun this week being spontaneously creative. It almost never works out if I plan ahead.

chelsea mckell said...

uummm, where's the mermaids? You need to make it more realistic.

Cassie said...

I love this Sally! You are such a good homeschooling mama! I might do this so thanks for the inspiration!