Thursday, October 6, 2011

3 lucky boys

It seems that everywhere I go with my kids, people make comments about having 3 boys. They are mostly super positive, with remarks about how blessed, how lucky, and how wonderful it is to have 3, healthy, little boys. How sweet it is, as a mother, to hear comments like this! Then every once in a while someone will ask, "So what's it like to raise 3 little boys? Is it crazy or what?" haha.
Yes, it's crazy. It's non-stop wonderful, bless-ed, craziness, and I love it! Some days are difficult, with anger and emotions flying everywhere. Some days are overly hyper-active, with messes and chaos everywhere. Most days are really loud.
Most days I lie on the floor and let them tackle me and sit on me because I am defeated in all other areas of life. :)
Everyday is special because my little boys are special to me!

Here's a few things we've been up to as we live our daily boy adventures:

Daily walks in the jungle that we call our street:

A little hike on Onomea trail:

A fortress in the living room, for little boys to crawl:

Everyday is a hot day in the yard, so that means lots of playing in the pool:
Our little friend (on the right) came over to play and swim, too.

A Pirate Party! Pirate hats, pirate necklaces, pirate songs, and pirate games, just because. Oh, and lots of AaaaAaaaaarghs:

And here's me, learning how to take care of myself and not get too burnt out on my highly intensive boy-rearing lifestyle.
There are essentially six things I have to do in order to maintain sanity:
1. Get regular exercise (I'm loving Zumba as of lately)
2. Have healthy, wholesome foods on hand
3. Get 8 hours sleep
4. Fill my daily-spiritual cup with prayer and scriptures
5. Make time to prepare and plan and make lists
6. Loving support and teamowork with my husband

Ready to take on little boy world!

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