Sunday, October 2, 2011

General Conference, a spiritual marathon

Every 6 months the Prophet, 12 Apostles, and spiritual Leaders of our church give inspiring speeches to the members all over the world, via TV, internet, and radio. It is called General Conference, and I look forward to it every time! They prepare these wonderfully inspiring talks, which send messages of hope, peace, love, and spiritual motivation to all that will listen.

This past weekend we spent two days, and a total of 8 hours, listening to the messages of the gospel. It's like running a spiritual marathon! Only you're not totally exhausted at the end, you are spiritually renewed and more excited than ever! My mind has been mentally running for the past two days, and I feel like I need express my happiness for a moment in this space.

Obviously, with young children our whole family couldn't all sit down for 8 hours, so Micah and I took turns watching and listening. During some of the sessions I sat at the table with the kids and worked on General Conference coloring packets . (Did you see president Eyrings pink suit up there? Awesome!) During others, one of us took the kids outside to play and then switched. Overall, General Conference is a very special time for our family, something we look forward to, and will continue doing for many years to come.

As one listens to the talks, it is a good idea to ask God in prayer to help you be inspired of the things you need to learn better, and become stronger in. There are so many areas of my life I need to be stronger in, and desire a renewed conviction in my testimony. I feel like this General Conference was so powerful for me, in confirming many truths about God that I already knew, but needed to have an even stronger conviction of in my heart. I am so grateful for this talk by Dieter F. Uchdorf, which was actually spoken to at our worldwide women's organization last week, but is still part of Conference.

Another one of the beautiful things about these talks is that they cover such a large variety of topics, and reach out to millions of people who are listening to them, but the end result is always the same for everyone, and that is happiness in the knowledge of Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father, and a renewed desire to be a better person.

This is the General conference link. Listen, watch, read, download it on your ipod. You won't regret it. :)

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Smiths said...

You're surfing again!

I love your story. Leaps of faith are always rewarded. I love your testimony. You are inspirational in so many ways.