Monday, November 21, 2011

Greeting the sun

This morning, and several mornings these past few months, I've been rolling myself out of bed at 6am to greet the sun. It is beautiful out there with the pink sky awakening, and the black darkness disappearing into the brightest jungle-greens!

This past year I've stayed in bed as long as I could in the mornings, snuggling and nursing our little baby. I never felt the need to get up and greet the sun, not with a warm, squishy baby next to me! Yet now, as he is getting older, it feels good to have this time in the morning to myself.

I run as fast as I can, racing down the dirt roads, jumping over rocks and puddles, chasing the pink and purple sky til it turns to blue.

After my run this morning I came home to find everyone awake, the house full of the loud frenzy of little voices playing, Micah getting ready for work, and a toddler wanting to catch up on his milkies.
As I sat in the giant rocking chair nursing Jonah, my 5 year old started tickling my feet, my 3 year old started blowing bubbles on my arm, and my toddler started smacking me in the cheek while giggling through pursed, suckling lips. It was such a comical picture of how the rest of my day was going to go, with my 3 crazy, precious little boys.

I'm so glad I got that time to myself this morning, so I could have even more energy for this:

Have a blessed day!


Cassie said...

You have such a great attitude. I love to go running in really helps me have that time alone to think. I have three boys too!

leslie said...

hi sally -- you're back in hawaii?! awesome!

this is leslie from the byuh days. i remembered that you've posted about babywearing, and i was hoping you could help me pick something out for my sister for christmas. her first baby (my first nephew!) is about 7 months old right now. i've looked at some options, but just thought you might have some insight on the perfect choice.

my email address is leslieblodgett (at) gmail dot com.

hope to hear from you! (or i can check back here if that's better)


Sally Jackson said...

Hey Leslie!! I emailed you, and so glad you found me!
Cassie- raising boys is such an adventure! I'm so glad we can find ways to recharge ourselves for the ride!