Thursday, November 3, 2011

Puna rain

The rain is coming down hard right now, as I stare out our kitchen windows. All of the windows in this house are really large, and none of them have glass coverings.
So, when it rains hard like this, we can barely hear each other talk. We have to turn off all media, or mute it until the rain calms down again. The rain is loud and heavy, and bangs hard on our metal roof. I like how it makes us all stop and look at it, like it doesn't want us to forget it's there.

When we first moved here it really startled me, and I couldn't sleep at night. It made me feel claustrophobic at first, like the snow used to make me feel. However, I knew I would get used to it again. After-all, I had lived with this rain all my life, and it wasn't cold.

Now as I'm looking out the window at this rain, I see the green growth all around it, and the gift of life it is giving to the earth. I can see little, freshly sprouted trees and vines poking up from the ground.
And right when it seems like the rain won't stop, and the trees and bushes, and little sprouts are shouting, "Enough!", It lets up a little, and allows us to all to keep going about our day.

I love the rain today. I love the banging on the roof and the pounding on the earth. I love the green jungle all around me that is blooming and growing, and always thirsting for more.

I love the sounds of my family, as we gather in the living room to play; media turned off, lights turned off, listening and enjoying the many rhythmic sounds of life, here in the rain forest.

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