Friday, November 25, 2011

My Beach Fantasy

It's true, we're not spending nearly as much time at the beach and in the ocean as I imagined we would when we moved our family Hawaii. We knew ahead of time that this area was going to be very different from my life on Oahu, where miles of white sand beaches and perfect surf, was something I just took for granted!
Over here, the beach is not a beach, it's rocks, as I mentioned before. But we've realized that this is only a small reason why we're not at the beach everyday. Other factors that contribute are: living 25 minutes away from any swimable ocean, living in the rain forest where it rains and pours almost daily, and having young children. The last one, of course being the biggest reason why I don't always jump at trekking down to the rocks with the kids by myself. It's exhausting!

This past week it was a beautiful, sunny day at our house, so I packed the car up with all the swimsuits, boogie boards, snorkel gear, fish nets, sunscreen and lunch food, and headed towards one of our favorite beaches in Hilo. However, 25 minutes later, we arrived at the beach in a downpour of rain. The kids didn't want to get out of the car, but I made them. "We're swimming!" I said, "I didn't drive all this way to sit in the car!"
Zadok and Odin decided it was okay, even with the sprinkling rain falling from the sky! So they hopped on their boogie boards and paddled around for a bit. It was very cute watching the brothers play together.......until 10 minutes later Odin decided he was too cold and he wanted me to dry him off, change his clothes, and feed him lunch. Simultaneously, Jonah decided he just wanted to run towards the parking lot, and have me chase him. And of course at that same time Zadok is yelling and whining from the water that he has no one to play with and he's bored.
So, I did what every overwhelmed and sane mother would do; I threw everyone back into the car and drove home!
Now, If you could have seen the inside of my car that day, you might've been very worried that our family was never going to be okay again.
There was Odin in the backseat screaming, Jonah in the middle car-seat crying, and Zadok sitting there scowling at me from the passenger seat, all-the-way-home. Then there was me in the drivers seat sobbing because all I wanted was to go the beach and have fun, yet I didn't even get my hair wet!

So you can see why I might be a little disappointed that we're not living out my beach-life fantasy here in Hawaii right now. It's a lot of hard work, and sometimes, I just don't wanna do it. I know it will get easier in time, especially as the boys get older.
I decided that the 10 years of living in Utah and Idaho has given me the patience I need to wait out this little-kid-land-sentence. Someday soon, these baby years will be gone behind us, and I will miss them dearly! Yet, I am totally looking forward to the many years ahead of awesome, beach adventures with our much older boys! My ultimate beach fantasy includes surfing, and snorkeling, and fishing, without drama and tears.

**Please stay tuned for a post titled "One million reasons why I LOVE Hawaii besides the beach."
**** And here's a picture of the older boys on land, happily climbing trees in the jungle.

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chelsea mckell said...

Oh you paint a vivid picture!
And I can totally relate. I often think about all the adventures we'll have when the kids are old enough to wipe their own bums.