Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Halloween and Kahena beach (not necessarily together)

And here's some pictures to prove it!

Our baby is now a GIANT baby. (15 mos)

He loves to hold his baby. (My Cabbage Patch kid from when I was little.)
He walks and runs and laughs and hits his brothers in the face with large objects. (they love it) He is always playing nearby, no matter what we are doing. Here Zadok is reading a book to Odin, while Jonah watches on:
He loves to swing and eat grapes and lay his cheek on your cheek for a hug.
He doesn't care to talk. He says a word that sounds like dog, but that's about it. It's a high pitched shreek that starts with a "d" when he sees a dog, so we'll count it. His older brothers do more than enough talking for him, so we're okay.
The neighbors always laugh when they drive by and see the baby asleep in his swing with nobody around. I promise I'm just right inside the house watching!

My Dad was here for a couple days from Oahu. We loved having him over! The first thing the boys said after he left was, "When is Grandpa coming back?"

And Halloween happened!
I was a Cockroach sticky-trap. I told all the kids that this BIG roach was in my kitchen that morning--We're lucky we got em!

The boys were black ninjas.
We had a big party at our house for all the homeschool kids in our group. It was so much fun! The following night our church had a huge party and trunk or treat. Then on actual Halloween, we took the boys trick-or-treating at the local mall.
Needless to say, they got lots of candy. And being the good parents we are, we let them eat it all.
Oh, and we charted the candy, for scientific purposes. Zadok really liked organizing, categorizing, and charting his sweets. It was good number-writing practice, too.

Lastly, we finally took the family down to Kahena beach, which is about 30 minutes south of our house. It's supposed to be one of the most gorgeous black sand beaches on the island! It's also known to be a nude beach, where a lot of illegal activity happens. You know, drugs, sex, and dogs that aren't kept on leashes......
I was a little nervous about taking the kids, but it turned out to be really nice. We went early in the morning, and the only thing we saw were some nice naked people swimming, and some nice dogs not on their leashes, so not bad. ;)

Baby Jonah fit right in at Kahena, with his cute, black sand buns!

Hope you had a Happy October, too! Although we are missing the falling leaves and changing colors of Autumn, I do have to say I love not being cold! Life is good.


chelsea mckell said...

This is the difference between having baby boys and girls... when I see those pictures of the naked baby sitting in the sand, I think - AHH! If that were my little baby, I'd be freaking out about girly-infections from all that dirt going where it isn't supposed to!

Kindof a pointless comment, I know. I just say what I'm thinking :) PS - I tried to call you today, but for some reason your number isn't in my phone. So send me your number... or I think it's in an email, and I'll go dig it out... I wanted to tell you what was said at a mtg today that confused me.

Sally Jackson said...

Chelsea, I love all your comments!