Friday, December 23, 2011

Mele Kalikimaka!

Our family attempted to send out Christmas cards and family updates this holiday season, and half-succeeded! Which means I was disappointed to realize halfway through the month, that our cards turned out dark and hard to read, that we lost most of our families addresses, and that someone-I-won't-mention-(baby Jonah) didn't give me enough time to write personalized messages inside them. So, if you didn't get a card, or hated the one we sent, don't feel bad because this blog is reaching out to you and giving you a BIG, Mele Kalikimaka (((virtual))) hug! Merry Christmas! We love you!
The Jackson 5 in the jungle:

The Star Wars Episode:
Beach=happy kids:
Hope your Christmas is merry and bright! Can't wait to browse around and look at everyone else's family pictures!

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Anonymous said...

Mele Kalikimaka dear friend! Love the silly ohana pics!