Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy to live hawaii

This past weekend we found ourselves at Honoli'i beach at 8am, where a large river meets the pounding surf. When we got there we were surprised to find that their was an actual sandy beach at Honoli'is where there is normally river! The tide was low, and the large, winter surf had moved things around a bit to form a beach. It was magic!
We had so much fun and stayed til 1pm, swimming and playing!
It was a beautiful day. One of those days where I got to just relax, look around at my family, and be grateful to live in beautiful Hawaii.

Here are some of the happy highlights from our day:

-Paddling out on my longboard and catching two fun waves in a row on a glassy, sunny morning.
-Zadok pointing to the water in the river and saying excitedly,"Look Mom, it's your favorite color, turquoise!" And then us jumping in the clear, turquoise water with a splash!
-Laying on the warm, river rocks with Odin, soaking up the warm sun. Odin turned to me and asked,"Mom, do you like lying here with me?" So I answered, "Of course I do, this is wonderful!" And he said,"Good, me too, me, too." And we lied there and basked in the sun together next to the ocean.
--Watching Micah paddle around in the water on a surfboard. Never thought I'd see the day where my husband on a surfboard!
-Helping the boys stand up on my surfboard in the calm water, so they could get a feel for the board. Zadok balanced really well on his two feet. Odin felt more comfortable paddling on his tummy.
-Stopping at the farmers market to buy fruit and watching as Jonah literally lunged out of his stroller to grab a banana from one of the stands. A nice Filipino woman selling bananas came over and gave him one. He sat there and shoved that banana in his mouth real fast! Then when I bought a musubi, he wanted some really bad. We watched as he happily shoved bits of rice in his mouth.
-Coming home sunburnt, tired, but refreshed and energized and so happy to live Hawaii. :)

Hawaii is really beautiful. There are places here that simply take my breath away.
I stand still and look up at the great big canopies of green trees and the vibrant, colorful leaves on the bushes, and am in awe. I am overcome at how all this beauty could be stored up and placed in one location. It seems unfair to the ugly parts of the world, like maybe Hawaii should spread it's beauty over to the barren deserts of New Mexico or something.
But maybe that's because Hawaii is a special place to me. Ever since I was a little girl I felt like this was Heaven on Earth. In fact, when I had thought I wasn't ever moving back, I used to ask God in my prayers to please make sure heaven was just like Hawaii so I could enjoy it again when I die. I know...silly, but that's how much I love it here.

The leaves on this bush have always been my favorite. When I was a little girl I took a whole bunch of them and sent them to my friend on the mainland. I remember asking her if she got my colorful leaves in the mail? She laughed and told me no, but she got some brown, rotten ones. I guess they don't ship well.

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