Wednesday, February 22, 2012

3 boys, a large box, a sunny day

A friend of ours posted onto a local mother's forum, that she was giving away a large box to the first person who wanted it! Yippee! So, I jumped at the chance to get it! It was from a big reclining chair, very strong, with wood reinforced on the sides. Who could pass up a free opportunity like this for a cool, new playhouse??

We waited for a nice, sunny day, then let the boys paint!

Before us the box had belonged to a little boy named Jaxon. It almost works.....

Zadok decided after a while that he would like to paint himself.

Needless to say, everyone got very painty. This was loads of fun, for everyone, including me. I love watching uninhibited creativity happening at my house.
I hosed everyone down at the end.

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