Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Collecting seeds in Hawaii

There are beautiful, colorful, seeds in nature, everywhere we look! We've been havng a lot of fun collecting them as we are outside exploring. The other day we went on a seed hunt. I didn't realize how much excitement this could bring to my boys! Everytime they spotted a seed I heard a "Wooop! I found one!", then a running-back-to-mom to show me how amazing, big, or cool their seed was. It was so much fun!
Here's some of the seeds we collected:
Odin, our 3.11 year old is especially fond of plants. Remember? He's always had a special thing for anything that grows. Odin is the one that keeps a watchful eye on the garden and trees, always ready to harvest, always ready to plant anew. He spent a long time sitting at the table, fingering each seed, and grouping them into categories. Afterall, his Grandpa Tim (Micah's dad) is a botanist by hobby, who collects and grows rare plants.
I can predict in the future, that Odin will have lots of questions for Grandpa, perhaps apprenticing at his side someday in Grandpas big greenhouse.
We got this book at the library to help us identify seeds while we were out. It also helped us to know which ones were toxic and what ones not to touch. I think that, if you don't have a lot of plants around your house, you could have a neat collection of seeds just by saving all your seeds after breakfast and dinner! Happy seed hunting!

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