Saturday, February 4, 2012

Kona side

This is \a post about driving 3 long hours (with kids) to the other side of the Big Island! It's the hot, sunny, desert side, with white sand beaches and sand! Did I mention sand? Because there's sand over there, not black rocks, real sand!
It's a fun treat for us to take this little road trip over to Kona. We get to go to the beach and build sand castles, and role around in sand. We also get to load up on toilet paper at Costco, but most awesomely (is that a word?) we get to go to the Kona LDS Temple on occasion.
Now that is definitely worth a trip to the other side.
Here's a few pictures from our latest visit to "Kona-side", as the locals call it.
My Dad was there for work that weekend, and it also happened to be his birthday, so we met up with him and had breakfast at Denny's. I think our gift to him was a free ulcer, because it looked like he would get one after experiencing the fine art of kids-in-restaurants with our family. Jonah was pouring the salt out of the salt shaker the whole time, Zadok kept crawling under the tables onto the dirty floor, and Odin......well, he was Odin. All in all, I think we had fun. Happy Birthday Dad!

Tell me you love eating in restaurants with kids as much as I do?? Yay!

Here's us posing for a picture outside Denny's. That's me trying to order everyone to stand still and smile.

It worked.

Now here's a place we can really run free and cause havoc! The beach!
Jackson slippahs:

A fun frolic on the sand before we hit up Costco and the Temple:

There's a rock sea wall along the beachfront in Kona. It was such a beautiful morning to be outside on this lovely other side!

So that sums up a trip to Kona side! We don't do it very often because it is so hard on the boys to be in the car for so long, but it's fun when we do! (Except for the time Jonah threw up in his carseat, and the time Odin cried the whole way home. Oh and the time we were all grumpy and mad in the car, etc.....) To get there we have to drive up and over the middle of the island, near Mauna kea Volcano. It is cold up there, which is pretty cool if you're into that sort of thing. In December we saw snow! (Except it's not cold snow, it's warm, Hawaiian snow. hahaha)


chelsea mckell said...

Warm snow? Umm.... like cold fire?!
Seriously - restaurants with children - I think I'd rather go hungry. Those salt shakers... they're just asking to be turned over and split everywhere. And the germs in restaurants...ugh. Two words: take out.
I LOVE their matching shirts! Very cute. I mean cool. Beautiful temple. Beautiful Sally! Seriously, you look great!

JRoberts said...

What a fun blog! I am so glad you commented so I had to follow you over here! :)

(and for the record, we don't have warm snow...and shorts in Feb??! LUCKY!)

Your boys are adorable, 3 boys is so much fun! (coming from a mom of 3 boys!)

Sarah Johnson said...

cute kids...