Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Popping in

Just popping in to update my life, bloggy style.

I ran 4 miles this morning and it didn't rain, and no dogs jumped out of the bushes at me, so I am feeling pretty good! Hahaha. I still love running!

We decided to move to Hilo, closer to everything. When we landed at this house, in this location, we were testing the waters about where we wanted to be. Turns out I am not too fond of rural living. I thought I would love it, seeing that I am originally a small-town-girl, but small-town and rural are two totally different things. Small town is where you see friendly people everyday, and have activities and plans surrounding your little community. Rural is where I feel isolated, lonely, and disconnected from the entire Universe. So, this was one experiment that was good for me to know, as hard as it has been, I am now committed to living the rest of my life in a town with other people. I am SO ready to move on. (as is the rest of us)
So, we are house-hunting right now and really excited to live closer into town where we have better access to the beaches, the library, the farmer's market, the sidewalks for running and biking, and the friendly faces of community.

Now for some kid updates:
Zadok turns 6 this week! He lost his first tooth last Sunday, too! I honestly wasn't expecting it to happen so soon! It was wiggly all week, then popped out in his Sunday school class. He has been so proud. He left the little tooth under his pillow for the Tooth Fairy to take. The Tooth fairy came, and brought him one dollar in exchange for his tooth. He was stoked! He's been really obsessed with making money lately, wanting to save it for "a really expensive toy". Tonight Zadok went into the back room and said he was going to be busy coloring. A few minutes later he came out with 3 pictures that he said he drew for Micah, Sally, and Odin. He told us,"I drew you guys pictures with your names on them!" I replied immediately,"Wonderful! How nice of you!" And he replied immediately back,"They cost one dollar each."
We got a good laugh out of that. It reminded me of those ladies on Waikiki beach that put a beautiful lei around your neck and then ask for 5 dollars. haha Zadok is really good at math, and loves counting, numbers, and money.
I don't know what he would buy if he did have money. He is always so happy with whatever he finds or makes. This past week he wanted a watch that would turn him into aliens, so we made him one out of Toilet paper rolls. Here he is wearing his creation:

The Ben-Ten TP roll alien watch:

And Odin turns four this month!He is very excited to turn four and was practicing really hard how to hold up four fingers. He laughed hysterically when I showed him how to hold up 6 fingers. He finds some things really oddly funny, and I love his little giggle. He loves making crafts. Today when I came home from my jog he was at the table with the hot glue gun, and a bunch of Popsicle sticks, creating a masterpiece. Odin is also the one who goes outside everyday to check the chicken eggs, collect them, wash them, and put them away in the house. He likes to be busy, and is such a cutie pie!

Jonah is 19 months! Jonah brings us his favorite animal encyclopedia and has us point to everything over and over again. He knows every animal and can point to them if you ask him..i.e "Where's the Tasmanian devil Jonah?" Or, "Point to the scorpion, Jonah". He loves to sit there and have you tell him all the words. If you don't respond right away, he screams at you. "AAAAAAAaghhhh!"
He is saying new words every day. This week he said Yucky yuck, Hi, and Ball. He calls his milkies "Na-na", which is really far off from the word milkies, but he came up with it on his own, which is adorable. He is a very busy toddler. He loves to go outside, and wander. He loves his Dad. He loves cheese, and bananas, and broccoli, and cracking open hard-boiled eggs, though only sometimes eating them. He loves giving hugs and big, open-mouth kisses, and I love him!

So life is busy, as usual.
I am excited for this move.
I am grateful for the friends who have come into my life and helped me and motivated me in all these transitions.
I am so grateful for Micah, my husband and best friend. We have really grown in ways I didn't know possible, and feel much more happier and secure in our marriage than ever before.
I am glad I got this calling in Young Women's, even though I have to leave it now. I feel it really served an important purpose for me these past few months, in feeling more connected.
I am also feeling much better about homeschooling, as we've made more friends and found ways to connect with other people.
I am grateful for God who knows me so well, and continues to lead and direct my life. For putting me thru the refiners fire, so I could be better off in the end.

Til next time! Aloha!

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