Monday, May 28, 2012


I don't believe that anyone comes into our lives without meaning. I have always felt this way, and I think that's why I love people so much. I believe that everyone here on Earth is connected through God's carefully planned, intricately woven, mysterious web of purpose. I say mysterious, because I don't think I can fully comprehend how magnificent His plans truly are for us. There's been times where people have come into my life at these seemingly impossible moments, sharing their love with me right when I needed it most.
Like the time I was so lonely living In San Diego in my early 20's, and when I prayed for a friend, I got one the next day! And not only did I get a good friend, I got someone who helped direct me back to the gospel of Christ.
This was the first time in my life that I really came to realize this web of connectedness that God has created for us. It's amazing, really, and I am so grateful for all the wonderful people that have come, and continue to come into my life.

I woke up yesterday to the most wonderful blog post my friend Katherine wrote about this very subject, only it was all about me. You can read it here. I was so touched by her sweet sentiments, and can't help but feel grateful once again, for God's love for us.
He is amazing, my friends. He knows us so well, and so individually, and He can make miraculous things happen through the people around us.

I should mention that the impact Katherine has had on my life has left a mark for good, as well. I got to know her as I was pregnant with Odin up in Idaho, and it was at a time where I really needed peace and calm in my life, amidst my raging, hysterical pregnancy hormones. She came into my life and wrapped her gentle, motherly arms around me, listening patiently to my rants, and calming me with her soft spirit. I will be forever grateful for her friendship in my life, and her presence at Odin's birth.

Beginning from that time in San Diego, down to right now, I can continuously feel the positive impact and immense blessings that people bring into my life.


Zen Mama said...

I have been thinking about this same subject a lot lately, too.

And I will always and forever be glad I was in the mother's lounge that day when you came in. When I think of all that I have gotten out of our friendship I feel you are an answer to the prayer I hadn't yet prayed. I'm so glad.

Da Denninghoff's said...

I wrote you this long post and then somehow it wouldn't let me comment. To say the least I was so frustrated. I just wanted you to know that your post made me smile! Your post in general either make me laugh, smile, encourage me, or inspire me. I'm so glad I discovered your blog. You are so generous with knowledge and it's simply insightful and beautiful. Thank you Sally!

bedheadmom said...

You makes me want to write one of these! And wow! You have some amazing people in your life and awesome experiences!! Love this post! And Love you!

chelsea mckell said...

Whoo hoo!
Although... I'm worried I made the list just for the fact that you know I blog stalk you, and you didn't want my feelings to get hurt if I read a post like this and my name WASN'T on it....
That's ok - I'll take it the attention however I get it!