Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Little Nursling

Jonah fell asleep the other night for his very first time, without nursing. We laid down in bed and were reading "Brown Bear Brown Bear what do you see?", when I noticed his little eyes drooping.....and drooping...and drooping, until he looked like this.

Jonah is 21 months old and still my sweet and snugly, little nursling.
We're not ready for weaning just yet, but it's kind of exciting to watch another one of my boys take these big steps to boyhood.


chelsea mckell said...

Wow, he DOES look like a big boy here! My babies (same age as Jonah!) haven't really fallen asleep w/o nursing yet. Hoping to get to that stage sometime soon. Starting to get a tad baby hungry, and it's not going to happen w/ two frequent nurslings!

Sally Jackson said...

Ha! Baby hungry whilst nursing twins?? You've got some strong Mama instincts there!