Thursday, May 17, 2012

Snapshots from around the house

I like snapshots. I've had a camera in my hands, snapping pictures, since I was a little girl. I took a photography class in high school which I thought would help me discover my true artistic skills, but it turned out I wasn't that interested in the specifics of photography, I just wanted to snap pictures. I have albums upon albums of pictures of friends, of random objects, of family, and of pets. Every once in a while I get lucky and the photo turns out looking totally professional, but I don't really know how that happens.

Here's a few pictures from around the house.

The fruit bowl always has papayas and bananas in it. Papayas are usually 6 for a dollar at the Farmers market and I live off of them daily.
This is one of the couches we got for free off of craigslist. We were living in an empty house for about a week, sleeping on the floor, when I started to really pray that we would get some furniture soon, somehow, even with our limited budget. So I looked on craigslist and low and behold someone was giving away a living room set for free! I quickly called the person and it turned out that I was the first one to call! This was such a miracle and answer to my prayers. That week we ended up furnishing our house with beds and dressers that I found for pretty cheap.

The bookshelf our friend Heidi gave us:

This dog has been Jonahs absolute favorite toy since January when he nabbed it from my friends house while we were on Oahu. He cuddles and snuggles this hard, plastic thing, even sleeping with it. He even likes to hold it while he's nursing.

This is my favorite kitchen tool--the magnetic knife strip. It stays up and out-of reach of little hands, yet lends convenience to Micah and I while we're cooking. (Target, 20 dollars)

This is the toy/school/sewing/recreation room. I hang all the boys artwork in here and love to admire it.

This is Jonah's beetle.

This is Zadoks color chart. He painted colors onto a paper and told me that I could come look at them if I ever forget a color. Thanks!

This is Odin's colorful triangle phase. I have a bunch more of these around the house.

This is Cheer-bear Care Bear I've had since I was little, circa 1983. (rainbow!!)

Here's the toddler who likes to arrange the magnets on our fridge.
Here's me and the boys lounging on the couches in the morning, acting silly. One of my favorite things in the world to do is cuddle with my kids and make jokes with them. They make me laugh so hard!This is Jonah bouncing on Odin's head:

Micah teaching the boys how to make ti-leaf leis.
Apparently Micah likes to take snapshots of me sleeping and then laugh at them later. I must explain that this was after a LONG day of caring for sick children and I was wiped out!No laughing! But here's a quick clip of Jonah bouncing on Odin's head. This will make you laugh all you want.


Katherine said...

I love hearing you laugh! Your boys are getting so big.

chelsea mckell said...

SO great to hear your voice, I agree w/ Katherine! And oh my word - it looks like Jonah is about the same size as Odin! Sheesh! Very cute wrestling. Very different than the way my girls interact! :)

bedheadmom said...

I love your happy home! I love the rainbow carebear and the hanging art! It is so simple and good!