Friday, June 22, 2012

Blog Make-Over Time

This blog will be undergoing some major reconstruction in the next month. It REALLY needs it, and thanks to my computer-savvy little brother, it's going to happen! yay! First won't you check out my .com up there. That's right, my very own domain name, just for me! Can you believe that out of 7 billion people in the world, nobody has taken as their own? It is destined to be mine.

**On a side note, when my brother was just 16 he was arrested for computer hacking. The police came charging into our home, arrested him, and took all his technical equipment. It made the front page of the Honolulu news advertiser!
My parents were so proud, they hung it on the wall, and praised him for doing things that no other kid could! Normally we don't praise people for breaking the law, but this case was extraordinary for several reasons:

1. The internet was pretty new and the things he was doing were exceeding intelligent.
2. He was just a curious 16 year old boy with a computer, yet he managed to have a whole team of detectives staking out our house for 9 months.
3. We had no idea he was capable of such feats! He made his parents shine that day!

So basically my blog is in the hands of an ex-fugitive. That's right, real serious stuff here. And if he doesn't like this post, well...... he has the password to delete it. haha


Zen Mama said...

This post made me grin from ear to ear and I really needed a smile right now. I love you Sally!!!

Sally Jackson said...

haha! Thanks Heather! I really like you, too.

bedheadmom said...

That's the best!! Your family is the coolest!!