Sunday, June 17, 2012


Micah always says that dinner foods should be eaten more for breakfast, so I made dinner this morning for Father's Day! Shepherds Pie, toasted baguettes, and root-beer!
That big box in the background is his Father's Day gift--a new tool box from the family. (he really needed one!)
Last night I couldn't stop thinking about how lucky I am to have Micah as my husband, and father to our 3 children. I feel like God has blessed me more than I deserve, sometimes. If someone would have told me when I was a teenager that one day I would marry a man that loved me fiercely and unconditionally, who wanted to raise a family with me, and who wanted to do everything in his power to make us happy, I wouldn't have believed it! I didn't know this life was possible.

And I knew Micah was pretty awesome when I first met and married him, but I didn't realize the ginormous, profound potential he had to be such an amazing Dad. I guess no one really knows when they first meet someone weather or not they'll be an amazing dad or not, but I think there's one thing I did know: that here was a man who puts God first in his is life, and through his love and obedience to the gospel he has allowed God to strengthen him and mold him into an amazing Father. He loves his children dearly, is patient with them, respectful to them, has fun with them, and teaches them with kindness.
Thank you and Happy Father's day, Micah, you are the dream guy I didn't know I had coming.

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Thanks for dinner!