Tuesday, June 12, 2012

zoom, zoom, zoom

Every day seems to zoom past super fast, don't it? I feel like I am constantly moving with no time to stop! From the moment we get up, to the moment we crash to sleep, the days are zooming by, zooming by, zooming by!
...So this is parenting!
...So this is life!

So this is what we do to zoom away our days:

We chase each other, and then catch each other. It's the oldest and most fun game out there. There's really not much to it. Chase. Catch. Chase. Catch. Chase. Catch. Then repeat. It never grows old!

Next up: See this little compact human being below? He was fussy ALL day today. We went to the beach in the morning, then came home for lunch. He wasn't happy the rest of the day and by 6pm we were really starting to wonder if he had something serious wrong with him! An inner ear infection? An unknown, deadly virus? A gastrointestinal problem? Then as we are sitting at the table, a giant piece of sea glass appears at his nostrils. Yes, this one on the right: We saw it lingering there for a brief second, then he sucked it back up his nose again! It took another 1/2 hour of us trying to figure out how to get it out of there, when it appeared again and Micah grabbed it! We think it was up there for 7-8 hours. So, next time your toddler is cranky, don't rule out the sea-glass-in-the-nose problem.

On a side note, I love this little curl on Odin's forehead. Just quickly stopping to adore it!

Good news for me: Micah got me a short-board for Mother's Day! I had visited some of the local surf shops to browse for boards, with nothing but wishful thinking, but then he surprised me with the board I said I really liked! It was truly a wonderful surprise! I had no idea he would go and get it for me.
I am so stoked to be short-boarding again and can feel my body getting back into surfing shape. When we first got here a year ago I couldn't see this far into the future! I was longboarding every once in a while on my 9 footer, and feeling awkward and out of place in the surf. It was hard for me to see that with time and persistence in the water, I would become completely comfortable out there again. My surfing muscles are returning, along with my ability to move more easily and gracefully through the water, plus navigating through the bigger surf. I've been paddling out 2-3 times a week, and loving it! Here's our little crew on Mother's Day. I love these boys!

Lastly, everyday is spent outside as much as possible. Now that Micah is off work for much of the Summer, we wake up and go on morning adventures. We like to walk along Hilo Bay and pick sea-glass (not for noses!) and watch the canoes race.

Life is zooming by quickly, but we are enjoying every moment with our family.
A hui hou!


Renee said...

I love you Sally! You are such a fun mom & person! You look fantastic & your kids are getting so big. It really does go by too fast. Glad you're enjoying it! Crazy about the sea glass!!!! Take care and keep doing what you love!

Zen Mama said...