Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Blog experimenting

Bear with me while I experiment with my blog. I'm trying to find a comofrtable balance between sharing my life and thoughts with the world, and not selling my soul to the internet.
I want to keep a blog because I love writing! I also love the positive impact my writing has on me and the people who come to me with happy comments and feedback. I wanted to create a space for myself that would encourage me to write about those things in life that matter most to me, namely my family, motherhood, and the great outdoors.
With that said, I apologize if you visit my blog and there's randomn and frequent changes happening! I'm hoping to work out all the details and kinks soon, and get on with the content!

Mahalo my friends,



arianne said...

Your blog looks so nice. What a delightful update. It's clean and peaceful and readable. Great job. I liked it before but this takes it to a new level. You are a writer, Sally. I love it when you share what's in your heart. I'm excited to see what happens here. Hugs!

Da Denninghoff's said...

I agree with arianne:)

Sally Jackson said...

Thank you so much Arianne. Your comments mean a lot to me, as I look up to your writing so much.
Thank you Juanita! You are awesome!

chelsea mckell said...

Whoa! I came to your blog for the first time in a little bit, and it's like someone rearranged the furniture in one of my favorite hang out spots! Not sure how I feel about this....