Thursday, July 26, 2012

Centipede vs. Chickens

This is by far the biggest centipede I've ever seen, in all my years living in Hawaii. They definitely grow them BIG on the Big island!
We found this buggar lurking on the wall separating our house from the back neighbors house, and quickly caught him for the kids to have a look.

We thought we'd put it's stature and strength to the test by battling it up against 9 large, insect-eating chickens, in our backyard.
So, I asked the family,"Who do you think will win if we put centipede in the chicken coop in a battle of centipede versus chickens?"
6 year old's answer: "The chickens will win because they are many and they are way powerful. "
4 year old's answer: "The chickens because they can peck, peck, peck!"
2 year old's answer: Points at centipede and grunts. (He still doesn't find words very necessary.)
Husband's compassionate ex-zoo-keeper answer: "Don't you think we should remove the stinger first?"
My answer: "No way! This is going to be fantastic!"

We lined up at the coop and watched anxiously as Micah dumped it in through the top wiring, stinger intact. It fell to the ground, landing right smack dab in the middle of a group of voracious hens! Suddenly before us was one of the fastest, most entertaining athletic events of chicken proportion!
Who do you think won?
Stay tuned for the answer.......


arianne said...

I'm guessing the centipede. That bugger was crazy big! And your chicken coop? Wow. Did you build it? I want one!

Micah said...

I believe Zadok said: The chickens will win because they are many and they are powerful.
I thought it was a funny way to describe chickens, but really they are pretty powerful, mean birds.

Zen Mama said...

So? Tell tell! How did it turn out?
I have such a crazy phobia of centipedes....

Da Denninghoff's said...

that was about the size of the centipede that fell into my crack when I was 8 months pregnant with Eve. I made Mark chop it into pieces, because I got stung pretty bad. On a side note experiments like this is the reason why you are so perfect to have little keiki kane's :)

Sally Jackson said...

Your crack Nita?? Like your bum crack? You poor thing! I had one in my shoe when I was a kid and it stung pretty awful. I've always hated them. If they were cuter I wouldn't mind so much, but they are UGLY. Okay, I will catch up with the answer soon. lol

Sally Jackson said...

p.s. Arianne, this is our friends chicken coop that we had in our yard for 3 weeks while they were out of town. Isn't it great? We think they're pretty neat for making it!