Friday, July 13, 2012

Hilo Humidity vs. Cedar City Sun

Hilo is a very rainy city. In fact, according to Wikipedia, it is the 3rd rainiest City in the United States and one of the wettest in the world. It has definitely been very wet and humid here, more than I expected it would be!

First of all, because of all the moisture, I have become obsessed with laundry. Since we don't own a dryer, there is this constant worry that my laundry will stay forever on the clothesline, molding itslef to death. There are days where the sun is beaming down, and I've just finished hanging up the laundry, when a downpour of rain soaks everything. It's pretty comical, really, to watch my clothes get wetter than they were when they came out of the washer.

I'm not sure why I figured the rain would let up during the Summer months, because it's already July, and just as wet as ever! It rains everyday. It comes in bursts and downpours, at the most inopportune moments. Like, right when we set up all our stuff at the beach for a morning of basking in the sun, or right when we head out the door for a sunny walk to the park, or right when we decide to jump on our bikes and head down the street.
I've convinced myself that we can't let the rain get us down, though, or stop us from getting outside. We have to keep going, or we'll be stuck in the house forever.
Our kids are getting used to the idea of continuing with activities, even when it's raining out. We don't leave the beach early when it starts to sprinkle, we keep on walking to the park, and we stay on our bikes, even when it's pouring buckets. You just get used to it after awhile. (And you keep extra, dry clothes and umbrellas in your car.) In fact, when it hasn't rained for a whole day I start to feel something is missing in my life, until I hear that old familiar pitter-patter, and feel balance has come to the world once again.

This is Hilo. It rains here constantly. But, the weather is warm, the people are friendly, the landscapes are beautiful, the fruit trees grow in abundance, and life is good, even in the rain.

These pictures below are from when my little brother and his family came to visit last week from Seattle. They didn't mind the rain at all!

It was on a rainy day here in Hilo last week, that I started to miss Cedar City, Utah. I think the nostalgia was triggered by seeing pictures shared on facebook from a friends' recent hiking expedition through Zions National Park. Zions was one of our favorite places to explore with our family, while we were living out there. Looking at these pitures brought back such happy memories of our little children, and our old adventures down in sunny, Southern Utah. As I stared out the window at rainy, humid Hilo, something opened up deep inside me; a longing for the life we left behind.

That night my husband and I stayed up until one in the morning talking about all the things we missed there. It was like we had held our breath for all things Hawaii, until the moment came when we could let it all out again. It was like a rush of wind coming through our bedroom, as we blew our memories of Cedar City, back and forth to each other; "I miss Canyon park and watching the kids play in the creek!" I cried. "I miss hiking up Rattlesnake Canyon, and finding snakes in the desert,"he said! Then on and on we went, "I miss riding the shuttle at Zion's and climbing the big, red rocks in St. George!" "I miss the trails going up Kolob Canyon, and watching the tadpoles turn into frogs!" I miss the long bike path winding along the river!" "I miss watching the Green Show at the Shakespear Festival, and leading La Leche League meetings at the library!" I miss making snow-men with the boys! "I miss watching the leaves change color in Fall, and sledding down snowy hills in the Winter!" "I miss making bonfires on our land, and camping in the Juniper tree forests!" "We miss......Cedar City!"

These pictures are just a few from the two years we spent there:

Over the following few days I felt torn between two places. I hadn't realized how much I would miss Cedar City, now that we'd stopped to analyze it. I started to feel uncertain about our future here, and I hated feeling this way.
I want to feel settled in one place. I don't want to ever move again, or worse, feel like where I'm living is never going to be good enough. I don't like feeling like "the grass is always greener on the other side," when I'm already getting settled on this side!

Micah and I spent the next few days envisioning what our lives would be like if we moved back to Cedar City. There were so many happy things to talk about, and good points were made about moving back there. We also talked about all the negative things we didn't like, and good points were made, as well. We then talked about all the things we love about Hilo, and all the negative things we don't like about Hilo. I don't want Micah to think we have to stay here no matter what, just because I am from Hawaii. I want to stay open for all options, especially what is best for the good of our entire family.

As we mulled this all over, thinking and considering all the possibilties for our lives, I came to a grand conclusion. I decided that there are pros and cons to both places, and we will never feel fully complete in either place. So, the best thing to do is to continue to create lives for ourselves here, and be happy wherever our feet are planted.

In essence, here in Hilo I will always long for the snowflakes of Cedar City, and there in Cedar City I will always long for the seashells of Hawaii. My heart will never feel fully settled, as long as I have loved and left each of these beautiful places.
(My husband, on the other hand, is still trying to figure this all out. I suppose he'll let me know when he decides something, and we'll make a further decision together someday.)

My ultimate wish for this life is to raise happy children, to teach our children to love God, to strengthen our family and our community, to love my husband, to serve in the church and serve our neighbors around us, to be responsible stewards over this earth, to enjoy the beauties of nature and the great outdoors, to make friends and have active social lives, and to be the best person I can be in each of these capacities of life.

This, my friends, can be done just about anywhere.

I can't say for certain that we'll never move again, but I can say that the Hilo humidity and rain is growing on me. My laundry even dried in the sun yesterday, in under 8 hours. Now that's something to celebrate, no matter where you live!


arianne said...

I miss You!

chelsea mckell said...

Oh geez - I can relate! We miss Cedar a lot. So many great people and places and memories. It's really a unique little spot in the world. But you're right - there are pros and cons to every place you live in, and no where is perfect. Except Heaven. Someday we'll all go to Heaven, and somehow have all the pros from every location :)

ps - you'll like my latest blog post - a recap of my first home visit!