Friday, July 20, 2012

Our Pet Gecko

We have a pet Gecko that comes to our kitchen table every day to lick his breakfast. We think he's pretty cute, but would prefer if he would focus more on catching large roaches.
We brought him in from outside in an effort to recruit more house-pets. He lives in our kitchen cupboards, but is trained to poop outside. (well, I wish...)
We also have two cats, Marshmallow and French Fry, who like to drink water from tupperwares on the ground. (Oh, and two, little boys with silly imaginations!)
I've always wanted a puppy, but I think we're good for now! Maybe a few more geckos and that's all the house pets we need.

*I realize you germa-phobes out there might be concerned about the spread of diseases. Rest assured I sanitize my counters and table-tops several times a day. That's just the nature of living in a place where bugs and critters run rampant in our houses. We also wash our hands thoroughly after touching geckos, and don't leave food out overnight. Are you happy now?

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