Thursday, August 30, 2012

Calzones for Grandpa

My Dad flew over from Oahu last month for work, and we got to hang out with him. We love it when Grandpa comes to visit!
Since he was here on a Monday night, he was able to join us for some good-old-fashioned, Family Home Evening fun!
For dinner, we decided to take our favorite pizza crust recipe and make calzones! We called it "Calzone Bar" because everyone got to pick and choose what toppings they wanted.

Sitting at the table, rolling out the dough:

Once the dough was rolled out into six, small balls, we each covered one with our desired toppings. Mine was covered first in maranara sauce, then mozzarella cheese, then tomatoes, zucchini, spinach, olves, garlic, and italian sausage.

Next we folded them over and squished the sides together, for lack of a more technical word. (Mooshed?)

A calzone, all ready for the oven. We baked them at 350 f for 25-30 mins.


I really love it when my Dad comes to visit, and I just really love my Dad. And I love calzones.
And I love Odin's wild, little face popping up at the bottom of this picture of us.


chelsea mckell said...

Great dinner idea! May steal it. Does whole wheat flour work well for calzone dough?

Sally Jackson said...

Sure! We like it!