Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Laundry Cap Music Shakers

Here's another great reason to recycle! My toddler's Sunday-nursery teacher, Sister Pung, came up with this brilliant idea to screw together laundry detergeant caps to make music shakers! She gave me permission to share her idea, and here it is:
The kids love shaking it up during music time at Sister Pungs class. She is the cutest, most cheerful, elderly Chinese woman, who always has the most creative activities for the kids. Jonah loves going to her class.
The kids haven't figured out that you can unscrew the caps, and hopefully they never will. They are filled with things like rice, beans, cherry seeds, and marbles.
It might take years to collect this many laundry caps for yourself, so ask your family, friends, and neighbors to save them for you! I think you have to play around with the sizes, as it looks like the same size lids may not screw together.
Have fun shaking it up-let me know how it goes!

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