Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Little Boys Live Here....

We brought our deceased pet snake over from Utah, in a vile of alcohol, and our toddler likes to play with it.

We have a bucket of weapons at our front door, full of lightsabers, swords, bows and arrows. We have legos scattered all over the house, and the bathroom always smells like shishi! There's a toad-cage in the garage for toad catching, and a lizard cage for lizard-catching.
There's a secret fort in guava trees, and boxes for building castles.
These are just a few of my favorite signs that little boys live here!


Zen Mama said...

You are my hero!
(And suggestions on getting the smell out of the bathroom? It's there no matter how much I clean!)

Sally Jackson said...

It's always there, that darn shishi smell! Let ME know when you find out how to get rid of it! I've tried spraying various deodorizers, but then it just smells like shishi mixed with deodorizer. Not the best smell.... Although I discovered one day that someone was peeing in the trash.. sheesh! little boy, gotta love em!

Zen Mama said...

Yep, we've had the peeing in the trash problem. Solution: no more trash can in their bathrooms. I wipe down the toilet area as often as I can, and they are actually the ones who scrub the inside of the toilets. But I worry that the smell is in the floor. :(