Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Magic of Motherhood

It really is magic!
I finally fell asleep last night after experiencing this incredible high from witnessing my children progress in amazing ways this week! It seems the past several months have been somewhat stagnant as we've been settling into a semi-normal routine. However, day in and day out, the routine was getting a little overwhelming for me. With all the hard work it takes to raise little ones, the days can go by so quickly, and it's hard to recognize the tiny steps we are making towards growth. I admit to feeling, at times, that all this hard mommy-work isn't doing anything but draining my energy and making me feel crazy.
But right when life seems like a steady flow of laundry, dishes, whining, laundry, dishes, whining, and more laundry and dishes, and more whining, I realize that's a good sign that growth is happening.

It happens in bursts, all at once. Like right when I am halfway through the day, reaching that point of exhaustion that hits me everyday at about 3pm.

Yesterday was that kind of day.
Right when I called out,"Time for rest time!," my toddler went to the bathroom in his potty for the first time.
He marched over to it, sat down, and acted like he knew what to do all along. The look on his face was pure joy. He was so proud of himself.
Next my six year old rode his bike by himself for the first time. He found the confidence somewhere within himself today to just try, where he had been so uncertain and nervous about it before. Today was the day and he did it. The look on his face was pure joy. I cried tears of happiness, as I watched him ride around the yard.
I was beaming yesterday, so thrilled with the big steps my kids were making. Then to top off the day, my 4 year old allowed me to put ear drops in his ear without a fight. This is something we have struggled with for months, then suddenly today, he decided it would be okay. He found the strength within himself to let me do the necessary, and it happened. It may seem like a small thing, but as his mother, I see it as a huge step towards maturity and growth.

It was awesome for me yesterday to witness all these huge growth spurts happening. I realize that growth is happening every day, in tiny ways, but sometimes it's hard to recognize it through the messy house and piles of laundry.
My kids are amazing, and they are doing amazing things. My hard work as Mom is rewarding and exciting. It's days like yesterday that bring the magic of motherhood alive.