Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mama-made Bags

My Mama sews the cutest, funkiest purses and bags. I have 4 unique bags, and I cherish each one! She even made one for my husband, which he uses all the time!
Whenever someone compliments me on my bag I respond proudly,"Thanks! My Mom made it for me!"
This one is a pirate-themed hand-bag.
This one is a reversable hobo-style bag, with a scrap of Local Motion T-shirt sewn on. I love the idea of upcycling an old T-shirt right onto the bag!
My husbands hobo-style bag has an elephant button on it. Because, you know, he was the elephant guy.
This is the bag I love the most right now. She upcycled it from an old maternity skirt I wore when I was pregnant with Jonah. When she sent it to me in the mail I felt so happy to have my old skirt back, yet happy I didn't have to actually wear it again. It makes a beautiful purse!
Zadok agreed he would model it for me, in his own way.

My Mama has a passion for sewing and making things, using her own creativity and style. I think it is a beautiful form of art to find second-hand fabrics and scraps, and then create whatever you can imagine out of them. She has been doing this since we were little kids, even though the term upcycling wasn't trending back then. I remember she always had a shirt on that she sewed herself, plus costumes, blankets, curtains, potholders, and whatever else around the house, was made from fabric she put together.
She's been funky and cool even before it was even cool. This is the way she's always been, and I love it. Thanks for our Mama-made bags, Mama! If you ever decide to open up a shop, we will be your first customers!
Barbara Stokes, in all her funky cool-ness. Not sure who the dog and the guy are.

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