Sunday, August 5, 2012

Rain-forest Critters

If insects, bugs, or any creepy crawly things of that nature make you cringe, I suggest skipping this post. :) After moving back here, I had forgotten about the bugs! Oh the bugs! They are everywhere! They never stop coming, and there's nothing we can do but learn to live with them in peace.

Rain-forest Critters (a silly poem by me)

With roaches in the kitchen,
you'd think that I'd be itchin,
to move down to Antarctica by now.
We've got red ants in our sugar,
and beatles in our rice,
We've got Termites crawling through the screens,
to reach the lights!

There's crickets hopping on the floor,
and flies buzzing near the door,
we're feelin' antsy,
with swatters by our sides.
There's mosquitoes by the sink,
stopping in for a drink,
making places for their larvae to reside!

The centipedes stay outside,
I haven't seen one in the house,
Thank goodness I don't have to sleep in fear.
However, when I went,
to kiss our 4 yr old goodnight,
I found a millipede rolled up in his ear!

There are geckos on the walls,
fruit flies loitering near the trash,
and spiders making webbing way up high.
And late last night,
as I was prepping for bed,
I found a dead insect in the corner of my eye!

Sometimes I get away,
take a break in the back room,
and hack away on my computer, unalarmed.
But just yesterday,
as I was typing away,
a bug came creeping out of my keyboard,
up my arm!

We live in an old house,
a cottage by the sea,
surrounded by foliage and bushes.
It's quaint, and cute, and as lovely as can be,
except for when the insects bite our tushes!

Most days I just ignore them,
let them live their buggy lives;
After all, we're all God's creatures now.
I choose to live in peace with the insects and the beasts,
we're all getting along here........somehow.

The End

p.s. About that centipede, he got torn apart by those hungry hens! He didn't stand a chance against their pecking, and running, and overall powerfulness! Watching that battle was pretty exciting, as the hens all went nuts, fighting over who got the biggest piece. Happy, well-fed hens:


Da Denninghoff's said...

Oh my Sally you made me smile! I often dream of moving back to my little grass shack on Oahu, but then I remember how much I HATE bugs and start thinking of another place to live. I always go back and forth! Luckily my family is there to stay, but your poem brought back some unpleasant memories. I remembering praying every night last year in Hawaii if Heavenly Father could protect me from any creeping crawling creature from my body or my kids body as we slept. With out fail not exaggerating every night I would say a prayer regarding that and even the smallest prayers He answers. My husband who has served his mission in Mexico doesn't mind bugs at all and often asks him "how in the world did a person like you grow up in Hawaii?" I just smile. He would love to move there in a heart beat if we could. Who knows someday:)

Sally Jackson said...

Oh that's too funny! You poor local girl who hates bugs!! The bugs don't seem to bother me like they bother most people. We just bring in more geckos from outside! lol But it is a real concern here, as you can't get away from all the creepy crawlies,yah?