Monday, September 24, 2012

Adoring my Children

My children are amazing. I see and hear and smell them every single day, and still can't believe these little people came out of me, and grew into these awesome, mini-humans. It's miraculous, really, and something that  should be celebrated daily.  Don't you think? Sometimes we forget how miraculous it all is, but it is!

And I don't think there's anything wrong with bragging about your own children, either. Parents are hard-wired to love, adore, cherish, and follow their children around with cameras. It's what we do.
I love it when I meet another Mom-friend at the park  and she fills me in on all the cool things her son/daughter has been doing lately. It's the best feeling ever to be around other Moms who appreciate and adore their children, too.

To adore my children today I am writing a little about each one of them, from my heart:

Our 6 year old, Zadok,  is honest and pure in everything he does and says. He has a natural quality of doing the right thing at the right time, and is a righteous example to his younger brothers. I call him "my little watch-tower" because he watches over everyone in this family. He knows when his brothers are sad or upset, and tries to help them, or comes to tell me immediately.  I love this about him.
He gets so excited about learning new things,  and then spends weeks talking about them non-stop. He writes stories, makes videos, acts out dramatic plays, and creates artwork surrounding his interests, (without being assigned). His creativity comes naturally because that's who he is. He loves to read, and loves to learn about computers. He has endless questions, but also has endless answers. He makes up creative games, and gets our whole family thinking. He is also handsome, and strong, and very intelligent. He is a beautiful soul and I love him. I  love that he still wakes up frequently to come snuggle in bed with Micah and I, where I get to smell his soft hair,  and remember back to when he was a just a baby.

Reading his favorite books at the park.

Strumming his guitar on a happy morning.

Our 4 year old, Odin,  is hilarious and cute as can be. He makes us laugh constantly.  He loves to be loud, silly, goofy, and crazy, most of the time! He always has a song to sing, or a joke to tell. He dances, and jumps, and laughs through life, with his blond curls flying!  Where his older brother is cautious and calculating, Odin is spontaneous and erratic.  He loves to be outside, loves to ride his bike, loves to color and use his hands to make things, and loves discovering plants, trees, and flowers. He is my free-spirit, and I adore him.
Despite his free-spirited ways, Odin is also very loyal to his older brother, and often follows Zadok's same interests. Anything that Zadok gets excited about, Odin gets excited about, with passion! They make a good team, those two. Odin also has a quiet, soft side, where he is gentle and loving and spiritual. He says the sweetest prayers, always thanking God for his family and the earth.
Odin also gives the best hugs. He is warm, and squishy, and when his little cheeks press up against mine, I melt to pieces.

Hanging in the trees

And that's Odin!

Our 2 year old, Jonah,  is so very sensitive and sweet. He is a toddler of very few words, but when he speaks, it is powerful. He says things with such force and determination, that we can't all help but  stop what we're doing and pay attention to him. "CHOP, CHOP." for scissors. "STUCK!" when he can't get down from his booster chair. "KNOCK KNOCK!,"when he's outside and wants to come in. "HIIIIIIIII!", when he welcomes anyone home. He makes us all laugh with his one-word sentences, and chubby, dimply grin.
He loves his brothers and follows them endlessly, though he'll put up a real fight if they try to harass him. He gives the sweetest hugs and kisses, and loves all things soft and snugly. Just like Linus on Charlie Brown, he carries around a dirty, blue, blankie, everywhere he goes. He loves dogs, and balls, and collecting treasures. He always has a bag full of marbles, a tupperware of buttons. or a box full of something hes' been collecting from around the house.
One particular moment, with Jonah, that touched my heart recently was when I sat down to read him a little book called "Hug" by Jez Alborough. It's the story of a baby monkey that can't find his mother in the jungle. When baby monkey sees all the other animals hugging, he gets sad because he wants a hug, too. When it got to the part in the book, where the monkey got sad, Jonah got little tears in his eyes. He looked at me with big, sad eyes, and trembling lips, pointed to the monkey, and said, "Mom."  We snuggled long and hard after that, and I promised that this Mom will always be around to hug my little Jonah monkey.

He likes to be silly with his Mama!

I'm so, so proud to be the Mama of these three, amazing boys! 

Some-day when they are all grown up, and leave home, and have beards, and like girls, I will be so happy I got to spend this precious time with them. I will always celebrate my children---they are my reason for being a mom, and being a mom has made me better than I ever was. It comes full cycle!

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