Friday, September 7, 2012

Ten minute thought

Quick! Everyone is busy for 10 minutes, write a blog post!

This has been my life lately: No time to blog, No time to think, No time to sit and rest; just do, do, do! But I wouldn't have it any other way. Life is busy right now and as a result I am seeing a family flourish and grow in amazing ways. It really is all about family, isn't it?

The tedious, little things we do each day to make it all come together and matter...i.e., taking the garbage out, wiping up the spills, clipping the fingernails, steaming the broccolli, mopping under the table, scrubbing the fish tank, playing games, fixing owies, baking bread, cleaning behind the ears, planning menues, making lists, making beds, hanging pictures, telling stories, doctors visits, snuggle time, story time, bedtime routine, morning routine, and on and on.

My life is so literally full, so full of love for my family. One thing I have learned as a mother is that I have a choice each day to choose the way I perform all these above things. I can either create an attitude of love, charity, and nurturing as I clip little nails, change dirty diapers, and make grocery lists, or I can create an attitude of exhaustion, annoyance or disgust, and build up a wall of resentment towards my life. I've found that when my son has spilled his milk off the table for the 20th time, there is more room to feel love and compassion for him when I smile and say, "That's okay, buddy. We're all learning something, and pretty soon you'll learn to hold onto your milk!"

All these little things we do matter. Piece by piece they come together to make the most complete, functional, and most beautiful piece of handiwork God has ever created--families.


Da Denninghoff's said...

your post reminds me of what I've been studying in the scriptures and talks these past two weeks, trying to recapture the necessary vision of my calling as a wife and mother. It's just nice to know that other people think about this very same thing:)

Sally Jackson said...

Thanks Nita. Very awesome stuff to think about!