Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Halloween antenna balls and stress balls

Our children have decided this year that Halloween is really too scary. I don't know if it was seeing the spooky decorations in the grocery stores, or if we checked out one too many creepy Halloween books from the library. Whichever it was, Halloween has officially become a touchy subject at our house. Zadok doesn't want to go trick or treating anymore because there (might be) scary costumes on the loose, and Odin doesn't want to go to Wal Mart anymore, until Halloween is over. (Although Halloween shouldn't really make a difference when it comes to Wal-mart; it's always a little spooky in there, 364 days a year.)
In an effort to keep things fun and silly,  we're making fun and silly Halloween decorations. 

For a Jack-o-lantern antenna ball for your car, all you need are these materials:
A styrofoam ball, a balloon, a permanent pen, 
green pipe-cleaner (not shown) and scissors.
To start, cut the neck off the balloon, and stretch it over the ball. Draw your face on, then stick a small piece of green pipe-cleaner in the top for a stem. Last, stick ball onto your car's antenna, stuffing the rest of the neck of the balloon into the hole at the bottom.
Our boys thought this was the coolest thing, ever. Since we don't own four cars, we stuck some of  them on shishkabob and popscicle sticks for playing with.

Next we made Halloween-themed stress balls.

 We filled balloons with flour, and drew silly faces on them. The boys have been playing with them for days.
Feeling stressed? SQUEEZE ME!

 See? Halloween can be fun! Now we just need to keep convincing the kids.

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