Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hilo Love

I said I would follow up on my venting post, with a post about all the things about Hilo that I love. Not just to be fair, but because there really are many things about Hilo that I love! I am happy right here, right now, and trying not to worry or stress about the future of things.
Sure, I would really like to own our own home, plant some trees, and get a puppy, (heck, maybe even have a couple more kids) but I know that's not going to happen where we are right now, so I'm just enjoying the happy, present moments.

Things I adore about Hilo:

  • It rains every day, which means I see rainbows everyday! Really big, full ones right outside our living room window. Pure joy!
  • It''s quiet and peaceful. The sun goes down at night and all is dark and still. (except for the loud, whistling, Coqui frogs, but I've gotten used to them)
  • People smile and greet you with "aloha" everywhere you go. It's not uncommon to follow that up with a hug and kiss on the cheek, if you know the person well.
  • I see familiar, friendly faces everywhere I go. I can't go to the store, beach, or library without running into a friendly acquaintance.
  • The cashiers at the grocery stores talk story with me as I'm checking out. I can't leave a grocery store without having a random conversation about kids, or food, or whatever funny things is going on in their lives. many folks are open books here, and I love it.
  • Since there is only one surf break, I've gotten to know it like a good friend. I feel at home there, and love the aloha I feel out in the water. People aren't competitive or mean-spirited like at some places. Here we  are surfing because we love it, and happy to share the waves with others.
  •  Exotic fruits and vegetables grow in abundance on this tropical island. I've tried so many new things here, that  I never had on Oahu! Everything from Dragon fruit to Abiu, Jack fruit to Mame Sapote, Breastmilk fruit  to Fiddle Fern shoots. The most delicious fruits and vegetables from around the globe, thrive and grow  here on the Big island! I'm in Heaven!
  • We have the best farmers markets! Any day of the week you can find a farmers market to buy locally grown produce. I live off of papayas and bananas!
  • I feel free here. Unrestricted. Liberated. Alive. I feel like my true self here. Free to
  • Many people here live frugally, simply, naturally, making a conscious effort to keep life easy-going and  laid back. There isn't much focus on status or money. Many people are here because they wanted to get away from all that on the mainland (or even Oahu). 
  • Here most people recycle, take care of the earth, and give back wherever they can. There is a huge focus on conservation and protection of the natural world; keeping Hawaii beautiful and clean.
  • There is an active Volcano. It provides excitement and learning experiences for our family. 
  • My kids don't need a lot of stuff. They don't need extra clothes or shoes, or toys. They are happy running around barefoot, with shorts on, finding cool sticks and fruits to play with. 
  • It's October and it's hot out, and I spent the day swimming at the beach....with sea turtles.
  • Our elderly, Japanese neighbors are friendly. They smile and wave hello, and give us extra produce from their garden. (bonus)
  • There's always plenty of sea-glass to collect!
  • We get excited to visit Kona because it's such a big trip for us to get there; it's almost like visiting another island! It's hot and dry on that side, and coming back to Hilo always feels like drinking a tall, refreshing, glass of water.
  • Many natives speak the  Hawaiian language fluently here. I like hearing the beautiful, melodic sounds of the Hawaiian tongue, while out and about. It reminds me of the unique history and culture that surrounds us. We try to use some Hawaiian words in our home, to help integrate our children into our local society. When I hear one of my kids say,"Hey! Look at my piko!" or "I'm all pau with my food!" or "Mahalo mommy for lunch," I smile real big inside.
  • I love that life just flows here on this little, Big Island. Every day I wake up, happy to have my kids around me, happy to see what adventures will come our way. 
I love many things about Hilo! It took some time to adjust to the differences here,  (from my experience growing up on Oahu,) but overall, it is a lovely place. I honestly don't know if we'll be here forever. That is always the question, isn't it? Where is forever?

Maybe that puppy and those future kids will get too impatient for that question to be answered. Maybe home is wherever you are planted at the moment. Maybe home is wherever your family is. Right now my family is in Hilo with me, and they are the one thing I love most of all.

Dragon Fruit

You'll never guess what this is! Hint: It's NOT a zucchini or cucumber.

**Answer: It's an avocado! The weirdest variety I have ever seen! It doesn't even have a seed inside but tastes deliciously avocado! (They happen when the pollenization of the tree's flower doesn't happen quite right.)


Da Denninghoff's said...

thank you for inspiring me to count my blessings! I was feeling a little overwhelmed trying to plan for this baby to arrive soon. After reading your post I managed to calm down and will make a list of why I should be really happy and not stressed out with my life!

Sally Jackson said...

Oh Nita! Your welcome! After writing this I ended up having the crappiest day, so I was so glad I did! It's so easy to lose sight of the good things, when things are especially hard. I sure love you and all your comments.