Saturday, October 27, 2012

Mules on Molokai with Micah

is what the bumper sticker says that my husband brought back from his recent trip to Molokai. He and my dad took a couple days to explore this small, Hawaiian island island together over the weekend. Although my dad (Bill) has been there many times before, he had never been down to Kalaupapa, which is the old leprosy colony. Long ago, children and family members afflicted with leprosy were torn apart, as they were sent to live out their lives and die in Kalaupapa. It's a beautiful place, but also a sad place. It's history  has a strong presence here in Hawaii, and most everyone here knows of the stories and the people that lived and served at the leper colony.
The overlook of Kalaupapa below.

This small and  historical colony is located at the bottom of a very, steep cliff. The only way to get there is by boat, or by hiking down switch-backs. These days, you can also ride a mule.

So that's exactly what Micah and Bill did.

They rode the old Hawaiian Kalaupapa trail down the highest sea cliffs in the world, boasting 26 switchbacks, an 1800 foot elevation, and 2.9 miles from point to point. The final point being, the Kalaupapa National Historic Park, where they went on a bus tour of the old leper colony. Very impressive! No pictures of the colony, but I can magine some leper-inflicted patients enjoying this beautiful beach!

Tallest sea cliffs in the world

Overall, Micah and Bill had a really good time! I was pleased Micah came home with some pictures of the beautiful sights of Molokai. I have always wanted to visit there but haven't, yet. Even though I was back at home with 3 sick children, I am glad he got to have this experience! Yes, there were moments where I would've rather been riding a mule on Molokai, but it's all good.
My uber handsome father, Bill, at a gorgeous, valley overlook.

My uber handsome husband, Micah, with his green eyes that I love so much.

Long, sandy beach that makes me want to run down it!

This here below is the famous, phallic rock. Yes, it is very phallic. I am almost embarrassed to be putting it on my blog, except for the fact that it is sacred.  This rock represents the male fertility God, Nanahoa. Anciently, barren women would bring offerings to this rock, in hopes of conceiving a child. 

This is inside the tiny airplane that took Micah to Molokai from the Big island. He was surprised at how small it was, and got really motion sick on the way there. On the way back he discovered the magical medicine, dramamine, and all was okay again.

There are 8 islands making up the Hawaiian island chain. I have visited Maui and Kauai, and lived on Oahu and Big Island. Micah has visited Oahu and Molokai, and lived on the Big island. We have a lot more exploring and adventures to be had, here in Polynesia, that's for sure!

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