Friday, November 9, 2012

It's all about Family

I'm feeling this intense want (and need) to organize my papers, photos, and records of my family. My boys are growing up so fast! Too fast!  I pulled out my journal from when Zadok was 9 months old and re-read  all the happy things I had written down, that he was doing at that time. It made me so, so, so, so very  happy, but I also wished I had written even more! I wish I had written every day! I was reminded this week to keep writing down all the precious things about my children, but to do it more frequently.
When I think of something I want to remember, I need to write it down. When one of our sons says something funny, witty  clever, or plain ridiculous, I need to write it down. When I have a mommy-learning moment or growing experiences  I need to write it down. It's never too late to write it all down. I am so happy that I have kept a journal these past 6 years, and will try not to regret the days I was too busy or tired to record my life. I think it's so important to be able to read back on my life and see how I've grown and changed. It gives me  much strength and motivation when I look back and see all the challenges I've overcome. Writing down my life is more than getting a good laugh in my old age, it's a reminder of who I have become.

Can you believe my baby days are nearly over? My kids are 2, 4, and 6 years old, none of them in diapers. Those baby days were filled with so much magic! So much excitement! For all those little years my life revolved around birthing, breastfeeding, blessingways, babywearing, LLL meetings, mama play dates, napping, changing little diapers, sweet smelling baby buns, and soft baby kisses! Now I have 3, stinky, little boys that yell, spit, and eat like wild things. We run around all day on bikes, on boogie boards, and chasing bugs. HA! I love them so much! Their energy and charisma is so contagious!
They are growing up too fast, I say!
People keep asking us if we're going to try for a little girl.  "Those boys need a sister!," some say. I'm sure they would love a sister, but they also need a sane mother. "Not now," I respond, "not now. But I'll let you know if anything changes." :)

So, I will be spending this time in my life getting organized; writing and recording all the little things I will miss about these moments, taking all the pictures I want and putting them in albums, organizing all the artwork, the love notes, and the random doodles around the house that make my heart melt. I am  soaking in the moments with my little boys, holding onto them and letting them grow, all at once.

The other project I am focusing on right now is getting my Family-history together. It's addicting, I tell you! Finding out who my ancestors are and organizing them into family groupings is like crack! There's definitely an excitement in my heart, like no other, as I'm putting this information together. I've felt this intense sense of love and security from my dead ancestors that I've never met before, just knowing they are my family. Someday we'll get to meet each other, and I will already know many of them by name.

Aloha my friends. God bless you in all your  little efforts and projects. I believe it's family that holds this whole world together, and when I focus on them, happiness settles in to stay.

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