Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving at the Kona Seaside

If you want to know where all the crowds of people were not this past holiday weekend, it was the Kona Seaside Hotel! We had booked a room there months ago, looking for a mini-vacation to spend our Thanksgiving weekend, and it ended up being the best experience for our family. I'm so happy we went!
Not only did we have sunshine and blue skies, but a quiet weekend practically alone! It was a peaceful, and calming weekend, relaxing and spending time together.

The kids were captivated by the Christmas tree in the hotel lobby.

The kids clocked in some serious pool hours the three days we were there. Micah and I used to poke fun at folks who spent there entire vacation time relaxing by a pool. I will never laugh at them again. After so many disastrous and exhausting camping experiences with our little ones, this was a much needed break. We all swam our little hearts out, and played til we were exhausted from too much fun.

8 hours in the pool and counting....
One of my favorite ways to relax with my toddler.
Micah and I also took turns watching the kids by the pool, while we each snuck away for a snorkel and swim in the sea. The ocean is always my first choice for swimming, and Kailua Bay is simply breathtaking!

This was actually our third time staying here, and each time I have been impressed with the friendly staff and comfortable atmosphere. The rooms are very clean, cozy, and inviting.  When we weren't hanging out poolside, we were chilaxing in the room, watching the "Shrek Forever After" movie marathon on cable. Yes, cable, one of the perks of being lazy in a hotel room, flipping channels on the boob tube. However, this movie was hilarious. We were still laughing after the third viewing!
Shrek Forever After, again?
Jonah loving the hotel bed and his half-eaten bagel.
Hotel bathroom fun!

Kailua Bay at Sunset
The Kona Seaside Hotel overlooks the ocean, right by Kailua Bay. You can sit on the deck and see boats pulling in and out of the harbor, people-watch over the busy side-walk below, or watch gorgeous colors of the Sunsets waft up into the whispy clouds.

 Kona is much like the mini-Waikiki of the Big island. This area is especially popular for tourists, as the bay is lined with restaurants, bars, and shopping.  However, unlike Waikiki, it is very tiny, and there are no hookers or wild parties on the beach. It's mostly filled with people enjoying the sights and sounds of beautiful Hawaii.

I can't boast of any amazing restaurant experiences because we ate at Taco Bell one night, and had cold turkey sandwiches and PB&J's the other night. What can I say, sometimes we like our food cheap and kid-friendly!

However,  It was also Micah's birthday on Saturday, so we had a little party on the hotel room balcony Friday afternoon. I picked up an ice-cream cake from Baskin Robbins, which was was not cheap, but tasted amazing!
Opening presents on the lanai
Happy Birthday MMMMMMMicah!
Then Friday evening some awesome, fun, friends from Hilo called and we met them down at "Scandi's, the favorite, local shave ice shop right in front of our hotel. Scandi's boasts as being "Da Best Shave Ice in Paradise," and I have to agree! They were pretty onolicious, and the servings were huge!

Overall, we had such a fabulous time! I hope we can make this a yearly tradition, especially since it's just a 2 1/2 hour drive from our house in Hilo. If you're feeling bad for us that we didn't eat a traditional Thanksgiving meal, fear not because we kinda did! Thursday morning before we left our house, Micah had whipped up 2 Turkeys, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and a chocolate pie. That's my man! And that's why we look so happy in these photos--Thanksgiving was fulfilling in every way!

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