Friday, November 2, 2012

When Visitors Come

We've had Micah's parents in town visiting for the past 9 days, with 6 more left to go! It has been so delightful to have company, especially family company. Being around family is something I sorely miss, and always appreciate. There's a sense of warmth and security in having family around; a feeling of belonging and happiness, indescribable. The best part is having extra hearts and hands to love and care for my children. Watching them play and interact with our boys is heaven to me.
 I know I will be really sad when they leave, so I'm going to try not to think about it too much right now! We've  been showing them all the wonderful things about our island, as well. It's refreshing to see our home through new eyes, as their enthusiasm for Hawaii brings new appreciation to us. Here's some of the fun Big Island things we've done so far:
  • Picked exotic fruits at the Hilo Arboretum.  
  • Toured the Mokupapapa Oceanic museum and watched nature movies.
  • Hit up the Hilo Farmers Market for produce and souvenirs..
  • Went to Carlsmith Beach Park to swim and watch sea turtles.
  • Hiked around Volcano National Park; walked through the lava tube, and explored the visitors centers.
  • Went to the Kona LDS Temple, and got to attend with Micah while in-laws watched kids outside.
  •  Hit up Waialea (69) Beach for swimming and sun. (Watched Sandy get clobbered by a larger wave)
  • Watched the Tuesday Hula and Ukulele show at Mooheau Bandstand on Hilo Bay
  • Spent Halloween at our church for trunk or treat. Had a blast running around and eating chili and rice.
  • Went to Coconut Island for the beautiful views of Hilo bay: Watched Micah jump the tower, played tag with the boys, and swam a little. 
Today our plan is to hit up Lava Tree Park, and tour our old house in Hawaiian Paradise ParkThis weekend we'll head down to Punalu'u black sand beach, Ho'okena beach, and the Captain Cook monument.
I truly love this island and all it's beautiful places and people. 
Come visit, friends, we'll show you around!

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