Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sewing Bean Bags for Fun

Raise your hand if you love bean bags!  I do, I do, I do! I actually fill ours with white rice, but I still call them bean bags, because it sounds way more awesomer than rice bags. 

I scored a huge bag of fabric squares from a yard sale several months ago, and have been slowly turning these unwanted quilting pieces into toys for our family. I've actually been making bean bags since I was in college, long before I had kids. Bean bags are just simply fun to have around, fun to play games with, and (lets be honest) fun to throw at people.

Here's some quick, easy instructions for making a set of bean bags:
Cut squares of fabric 5 inches x 5 inches. 
Face the right sides together (That's the design you want showing at the end).
Pin sides together.
Sew three of the sides together, leaving one side open, then flip inside out.

Next find a little buddy to help you pour rice into the fabric.
Fill it up about an inch from the top.

Fold the top sides inward, and pin right above the rice line.
Now sew along the top of the fabric, above the pins.

 Take pins out and your done!
 Now repeat until you have enough bean bags to mesmerize your children with.

Try google-searching "free bean-bag games" and you will find lists upon lists of fun games to play with your bean bags. 
We really enjoy trying to toss them into baskets from a distance away, or cutting holes in a cardboard box and writing points on it, like ski-ball. Our toddler carries them around and throws them at the furniture. The ideas are endless..
I also like playing catch games and getting-to-know you games with the youth at our church. There's something about tossing bean bags that brings even the shyest person out of their shell.
I've also found that if carry a bean bag around in my purse, we always find time to play, even on the busiest of days.
Enjoy your fun with bean bags!

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Really cool bean bags you made it and this is great resource for children as well as house wives to keep updated.